Protect your bakery items by buying cake boxes wholesale

cake boxes wholesale

There are many companies offering a unique style of cake boxes wholesale. Boxes are the best way to protect your product from damages. In case of food, they play a vital role to keep them fresh and free from dust and micro-organisms. However, boxes display your items in a very unique way.

Cakes – necessary for events:

Today’s, everyone love cakes. Cakes become essential, in some certain occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversaries and other countless events. In addition, the cake makes most people happy once they have its delectable taste in their mouth. All bakery items including cakes need protective packaging.

Cake boxes wholesale are usually made up of different high-quality materials. Generally, cardboard is mainly used for packaging purposes.  They protect the food products and items from dirt and harmful micro-organisms.  Aside, it’s also secure your items from damages during delivering and transportation. Cake boxes come in different designs, size, style, and shape. Moreover, they are also available in special packaging for special occasions.

Types of cake boxes:

Some several types of cake boxes wholesale are as follow;

Cake boxes:

This types of boxes are usually pie-shaped. This box is the best of occasions, in which you don’t need a full cake. You can use these boxes in different ways.

Pink cake boxes:

Pink cake box is mainly available in dazzling pink colour and square in shape. This type of box is best for those cakes which are square in shape. Furthermore, you can also use them for round cakes.

Cardboard cake boxes:

Generally, cardboards are using to manufacture cake boxes. They are strong and protect your items easily. In addition, the main characteristic of cardboards is you can easily print them. However, printed cardboard cake box makes a pleasant sight.

Individual cake boxes:

The individual cake boxes are usually made up of high-quality cardboard. They are available in a triangular shape. Moreover, you can easily print the company name, logos and other interesting designs.

Small cake boxes:

Small cake boxes usually use to protect small cakes. They cake available in different small sizes, shape and designs which makes you little cakes looks adorable. These boxes can enhance your product beauty.

Free cake boxes templates:

Many bakers use this box to cake packaging. As they use to display varieties of cakes in unique styles. They can resemble according to the cake shape and size. These boxes are available in different sizes to present your item in an appealing way.

Large cake boxes:

Large cake boxes usually use to pack huge cakes. Special order of cakes is pack in special packaging. However, large cake boxes protect your cake from damages and it’s an appropriate box for delivering or transportation the cake.

Wedding cake boxes:

A wedding is an auspicious and special day of your life. Moreover, the cake is the essential part of a wedding ceremony. Generally, people use a versatile style of wedding cake boxes to wrap your cake.

Advantages of cakes boxes:

Following are the main advantages of cake boxes, including;

  • Protection from environmental hazards
  • Maintain the quality of the food
  • Keep the item in its original shape
  • Creative packaging for the product
  • Grasp public attention
  • Make product portable and carry easily
  • Enhance your product beauty
  • Promote your items

Custom boxes:

Custom boxes manufacture with corrugated or cardboard material. You have utilized them in various places of your daily life. However, a custom box uses in retail packaging, transportation, pack items and good safety. Moreover, whatever is the size of your product, these are available in different sizes, designs and shapes. Furthermore, they are also used to preserve the food items. Generally, a custom box is used to protect the items from damages and breakages.


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