World Cup Knock Out Brazil vs Mexico – Brazil’s Victory And Mexico’s Heartbreak

Brazil vs Mexico

Monday was a day of turning game. It’s a thrilling game of Brazil vs Mexico. Mexico goes home with zero goal. While Brazil made a marvelous victory by two exciting goals in the second round, it was entirely their day. But unfortunately a deep heartbreak for Mexico.

SAMARA witness a great victory. Mexican coach Juan Carlos Osorio has requested his nation, not to be doubtful or superstitious about team’s bad form. He said our strategies are well-organized and fertile. Players are also great and in form. It’s a game of fate indeed.  Mexico goes in quarterfinals every year. But alas! Have to pack for home on Monday, July 2, 2018. And it was all due to two fantastic goals of Brazil.

Neymar was the hero, villain, and giant of the game. Everyone saw him with a loud cheer hitting a fast goal in the second round. A goalkeeper has to save this, although, Guillermo Ocho saved many goals. But Neymar made the ball hit straight the goal post.

Brazil vs Mexico

At the end Juan Carlos Osorio reviews were:

“I think we controlled the game, mostly,”  “I think this is a very negative example for the world and the world of football and all the children following this game.”

He kept criticizing game giant Neymar, without mentioning his name. He showed a strong disapproval towards his improper playacting in the second round.

Hernández said after the match:

“We’re sad, disappointed, obviously, with a dream that has ended,” “It hurts.”

On the other hand, it is was a heroic start for Brazil. However, Mexico was quite dominating in the first half of the game. Their strategy was to keep the ball to themselves and defend every goal. After the end of first round, the score was 1-1.

Mexico was quite hopeful for its victory, because, their strategy was coming out perfectly. But after 25 minutes, when second-round begins, everything seems to turn out reverse. When Neymar hit an unstoppable goal and hit 1 score for his team.

He pretended to defend the game and hit the goal all of a sudden. For Mexico, it was a foul kind of play. But for Brazil, it was their victory hit. The score became Brazil-1, Mexico- 0.

After that Mexico was panic a bit and try to hit a goal. But, Brazilians gave them nuts by not providing a single chance to sustain the ball. Roberto Firmino hit his second goal and sent Mexico on packing.

After Monday’s 16th round of World Cup Brazil vs Mexico, Mexico was knocked out by Brazil. Of course, it is a big trauma for Mexico. Coach consulted a psychologist to keep the mental state of his players’ burden free and stable. They are following, “imagines costs chingonas”. A well-known phrase in Mexico that is translated as: “Let’s imagine amazing things”.


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