Wendy Williams Share The Worst Advice

Wendy Williams

People of the United States of America know very well that who Wendy Williams is. She is a huge Television star.

Wendy hosted a very popular television show known as Wendy William Talk show from 2008. At the beginning of her career she was a radio DJ and host and in very short time she became very popular in New York as a Shock Jockette.

In her last interview with ABC news, she shared the worst advice of her life which she never took. In the early days of her career, she had to come to the new city for the new job. Wendy completed her first-week work when her boss calls her into her office.

She said to her that closes the door. Wendy you know, we love you and you have great numbers in New York. That why we hire you here. But one thing Wendy, what’s you did in the previous job cannot do that here.

Wendy Williams said to her that ‘change who you are because you are going to be the dinosaur.’

These are the words which she got from her ex-boss that are the most hurtful and degrading words she ever listens for herself.

Wendy Williams said that her boss still relates her a bold and dashing radio personality. The one thing which was running in mind at that time. I can only be me. I never try to adopt others style or expertise.

This advice gave her a strong motivation

Wendy said that somehow I got nervous and upset from that advice. But this advice gave me a strong motivation or energy that one day she will become a successful personality. I just keep one thing in my mind that I will show her.

And she did. Now she becomes the most popular personality of radio where she got the National Radio Hall of Fame. With this, she converts her radio career into the bright television career, where she has started hosting a well-known television show.

The Wendy Williams show started in 2008 crossed 1500 episodes in 2017. Very soon, they will launch its 10th season.

She never wants to change her skin, she never wants to change her voice. All she wants is your prayers that you keep doing for many years. I just need your prayers nothing else. Believe me, that is the most precious reward of my hard work.


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