Different types of T-shirt printing in Bolton

t shirt printing Bolton

T shirt printing Bolton:

Every one of us too conscious about the wearing clothes. Everybody wants to look perfect and beautiful by wearing some different and unique designs of T-shirts. We see that there is a big difference between Shirts and T-shirts. People normally wear shirts for some casual meetings, office meetings or on office work and many of like these. And people wear T-shirts for the comfort. For this reason, due to comfort and a lot option of t shirt printing Bolton people love to wear T-shirts.


As we see that in our young generation there is a too much popularity and rising trend to wear T-shirts. It is because of T shirt printing Bolton give us a huge variety of designs. It also gives us the opportunity to express their feelings by printing it on their T-shirts.

There are three main types of T shirt printing Bournemouth:

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)
  3. Vinyl Printing

Screen Printing:

Screen T-shirt printing in Bournemouth is one of the oldest methods of printing T-shirts. We said that screen printing is the most versatile among all the other printing processes. The screen printing process is very crucial and tedious is which many complicated steps are involved. The first step for printing is to place a screen on top of a substrate, in which the substrate can be materials such as paper or fabric. In this type of printing the ink is then placed on top of the screen, with the fill bar to fill the mesh opening inks. It is one of the most complicated types of printing T-shirts.

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG):

This is the most advanced type of T shirt printing Bolton. This method of printing is a pretty new method within the garment printing industry and as the name suggests it prints directly onto a garment. The process uses a purpose built-in printer which is like a larger modified version of our traditionally more available ink jet printer. Instead of paper passing through these printers, they allow the garment to pass through smoothly. The printer is connected to a computer as normal and the computer uses a specialized software. It is not as cheap as screen printing but in this type of printing, we can print whatever we want to print on our T-shirts. There is no colour range in this type of printing. We can add as much as colours we want to add in our print. It is one of the finest quality methods of T-shirt printing.

Vinyl Printing:

It is the type of T-shirt printing in Preston in which a sheet of polyurethane vinyl is cut to produce a design. After it, heat is applied to the garments. The vinyl printing method is one of the methods in which only one colour is used. It is mostly used for the printing T-shirts for teams as such as for workers or some company mono. This type of printing is one of the cheap types of printing it is also a long lasting print.

As we talk above the three main type of T-shirt printing in York. They are also easily available in the market. We just have to find a good shop or a good company for our T-shirt printing done.

Search online:

There are many companies who have online websites. So if we have the access to the internet then it is very useful for us to find the best company for our T-shirt printing in York. On these websites, they show all of their designs and also show their rates. So by which we can easily get the idea of what company is best for us.


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