Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Blames Lira Crash On Donald Trump ‘Plot’

Turkish President

Turkish president Reyyep Tayyip Erdogan blamed that the downfall of his country’s currency is just because of ‘underhand political plot of Donald Trump.

He said that just because of Trump’s political plot his country’s currency value had reached the lowest line. He charged Donald Trump on switching economic war against the entire world again and again. After the American leader, increases a diplomatic quarrel by repeating tariffs on steel and aluminum. In the black sea city of Trabzon, Turkish president told the followers that the intention of this operation is to make Turkey surrender in all areas from finance to politics. Once again we are going to face underhand political plot, but with the help of God, we will overcome this.

This year lira lost its 40 percent value against the dollar and the worst deal settled between Turkey and US. Turkish President said that it would create massive pressure on the economy. It is reduced on Friday, when lira decreased 14 percent, in the whole world.

On Monday, Turkey’s currency decrease from an overnight record low of 7.24 to the dollar. After this, the central bank gives the guarantee to offer liquidity and cut reserve requirements for Turkish bank.

Turkish President Says

We will start following an economic action plan from Monday, said Finance Minister Berat Albayrak. On Sunday night lira also affect the Asian share, which damaged the South African and group demand in global markets for safe currencies including the US dollar, Swiss, France, and Yen.

While speaking in Trabzon, Mr. Erdogan clear that he is not going to think suggestions that from last two decades Turkey was facing a financial crisis like other Asian countries.

What is the reason for all this storm in a teacup?  He said that there is no economic reason ‘this is called carrying out an operation against turkey’. We have our strategies to deal with this storm; we shift to new markets, new partnerships and new alliances against that force which try to wage economic war with our country and the entire world.

“Some will close the doors and some others open the new ones”.

Mr. Trump tweeted that our relation with Turkey is not good at this time. He said this after the two days of talks between American and Turkish officials.


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