Trump admits- No evidence of Middle Easterners caravan case

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended his groundless claim that unknown Middle Easterners are travelling in a migrant caravan, heading north to the US from Central America, but admitted there is no any proof. Trump reiterated in the Office, speak to Middle East individuals embedded in the caravan. I’ve very good information.” Nevertheless, pressed for the evidence of Middle East people in caravan Jim Acosta,” Trump said there is no evidence of anything.
Trump tweeted criminals and unknown Middle Easterners are blended to the migrant caravan moving toward the United States. He called this a national emerge. But, there were no report, in the media or from intelligence agencies, to suggest there are Middle Easterners embedded in the caravans he is referring to. Trump added Tuesday that there is a chance of Middle East individuals being in the caravan. In addition, I think that within a course of an amount of time you have, or they don’t automatically need to be in this group. But you’ve a great deal of folks coming throughout the southern boundary of the Middle Eastern along with other locations which aren’t suitable for our country, he said.

They do not necessarily need to be in that group, Trump too said. But definitely you’ve people coming throughout the southern border, from the Middle Eastern along with other locations which aren’t suitable for our country. And I am not allowing them in.” Vice President Mike Pence said that the Honduran President Juan Hernandez told him about a telephone call today that the migrant caravan was funded by Venezuela and coordinated by leftist groups. In the President’s direction I talked with president Hernandez of Honduras. He told me that the caravan that’s making its way through Mexico headed for the southern border was coordinated by leftist organizations and funded by Venezuela, Pence said.

Along with the Democrats maybe Trump joked. Pence also declined to provide specific proof that Middle East people are in the caravan, instead referencing statistics on the number of how many suspected terrorists have been prevented from coming back into the country daily. The United States intervenes and prevents 10 terrorists or 10 alleged terrorists from coming to our country every day. Thus, it’s inconceivable that there wouldn’t be individuals from the Middle Eastern as part of the growing caravan, Pence said. Trump said that he doesn’t believe he’s stoking fear of political gain by addressing the caravan. No, not at all, he said, I am a very non political person. And that is why I was elected President.”


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