Tragic Incident as Ex-Formula One grid girl model

grid girl model

Famous grid girl model, Kate Woodcock, 30, lost control of her BMW car and smashed into the wall on Chester Road near Sutton Coldfield on Thursday night.

Around five miles from her residence in Aldridge she lost her control over the car, and nothing could be done to save her. The model was declared dead by the paramedics at the sight of the accident.

Ms Woodcock’s funeral cost was £800, but after JustGiving page set up fundraising for her, they got £4,000 over its target after more than 100 supporters donated.

“Kate was a beautiful special grid girl model who will be missed deeply by everyone who knew her.”

“We hope to raise funds towards the cost of her funeral and give her the send-off she deserves. Many thanks for all your love and support.”

grid girl model

For two years Ms woodcock was working for Hamilton, and it is quite astonishing as Grid girls can be placed with any driver on any day.

Ms Woodcock told the Sun when speaking about the role this year that she did it because she wanted to do it and loved it. It is professional, and no one crossed the line once. More things probably go on in an office. It was only me and the other grid girl model that was British. She further said:

“I was booked because I was intelligent, well-spoken, hard-working and those elements go into the whole package. There’s a lot of work people don’t see in these roles. You have to learn how to walk down the grid, how to hold your flag and the boards for the formations – there’s a lot of training that goes into it.”

Also, the modelling agency SDMPE tweeted that they would like to take the time out so they can pay a special tribute to Kate Woodcock. They further stated that:

“We’re deeply shocked and saddened to loose such a lovely, beautiful girl and an exceptional model who shined very bright always.”

Luch Ford who organised the online fundraiser read: ‘On 27 September 2018 our lives were turned upside down when we tragically lost Kate.

“Kate was a beautiful special girl who will be missed deeply by everyone who knew her.”

Kate modelled for several magazines and worked at various Birmingham PR events.


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