‘Toddlers ‘Died After Their Mother Left Them In Hot Car For 14 Hours’

Hot Car

It was a quite sad news to hear that a mother killed her two-year-old son and her younger sister, who was just nine months old yet. A body of both kids was found in a hot car, parked outside a home in superior. First of all, it was thought that they must have died of fear and suffocation. Later on, the authorities did an autopsy to confirm the death cause.

Autopsies on Lorenzo Velasquez, 2, and her younger sister Brooklyn revealed that toddlers died due to heavy exposure of heat elements. It is a second-degree murder case.

The story behind the dilemma is, on March 26, Brittany Velasquez, mother of kids locked them in a hot car to go to work. After 14 hours when she came back, both kids were dead. Mother did this brutal act of locking her kids in a hot car and waited for them to die.

When authorities questioned her, she acted innocently and said that kids were taken care of by someone else that day. She told this story to Sheriff. But authorities revealed that there was no backup of her claims. She is behind the bars now and her hearing is set up on the 10th of August.

Basically, the temperature that day was 23.8C (75F). Due to a greenhouse effect, an interior of a car became too hot and heat could not be escaped by any mean. Kids faced a deadly harsh suffocation and quench, due to which their heart stopped working and little brother and sister died on the spot.

A story of her husband’s death is also quite tragic but unknown yet. Her husband Christopher Matthew Miranda died in June 2017. His death was also not natural, but the actual cause of death is still not known.

After her husband’s death, she set up a page GoFundMe. Taking about Cristopher on this page, she said, that he had ‘called to heaven’, her death was quite ‘devastating’, as well. But, she didn’t mention a cause of his death clearly.

On Father’s Day, she posted another tribute for Miranda on the same page, she wrote:

‘Happy father’s day babe! ‘You were an amazing daddy to Aucky and Brooklyn. ‘I miss you so damn much. R.I.P my love. ‘You will always be in mine and the kid’s heart.’

Now, deputies are trying to disclose the exact cause of his husband’s death. She has been charged with second-degree murder of her 2-year boy and 9 months daughter. She will face a first hearing of court on August 10.


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