The Best Budget-Friendly Gopro Alternatives That Won’t Leave You Broke


Due to GoPro, some of the popular action cameras are accessible. The GoPro Hero5 has set the standards for rugged handheld devices. Thankfully, GoPro Camera is no more somehow, not famous in town anymore; many manufacturers entered into this rapidly growing market, offer the high-quality camera at low cost.  In case, you are ready to switch to the action camera, then preferable to go for some best alternatives like 4k camera, which won’t be a burden on your bank.

Highlights of GoPro

It was designed by the Nick Woodman, CEO of American Technology Company, to capture the video and photo. Since its inception, the GoPro is used by athletes and adventures, not common in the use of casual users.  A small camera which captures the pictures in high quality, point and shoots qualities and pack them in the rugged frame, waterproof and durable. Moreover, has microphones for recording audio in the various scenario, it designs expertly to have image sensor, processor and ultra-wide-angle lens.  The Hero5 Black and Hero6 Black has touchscreen features for enhancing the control on the camera.

Best deal in a town!

Campark 4k Action Camera-$55

In case, looking for a reasonable and reliable camera, the carpark action cam is best for you. Features are 16MP camera, waterproof capabilities, Wifi remote control, the Amazon one of the best sellers for GoPro alternative.  The Campark has rechargeable batteries and intensifying kit of accessory, the need of buying any attachment is no more.  If you are in search of an outstanding action camera, you have the opportunity to pick the economic GoPro alternatives for just $55 from Amazon and start your great journey of waterproof adventure.


HDCool 4k Action Camera- $50

The technology of the camera is more affordable as it getting smaller in size; you don’t need to pay for the 4k video resolution. The main point is the box-shaped HDCool 4k action camera and the ability for making a high-quality video. It is not impressive as GoPro Hero lineups. Still, HDCool is not drooped and slouch.

It records the 4k video at 25 fps or 1080 footage at 60fps, claims the 16MP image sensor for capturing the picture.  Its 170-degree lens confirms that it won’t miss anything while taking photos. This camera comes with the variety of stands and waterproof case which tends to work at a depth of up to 100 feet, begin with the accessories.

It has 900mAh batteries, every battery has life and supports the camera correctly. The GoPro alternatives range around $100 to $130; you can buy the HDCool 4k action cam is just $50, reasonable price, waterproof and high-quality video feature.

Y1Discovery 4k Action Camera-$60

GoPro great rival is Yi and company compete with the GoPro and beat out, contract for VR project for the Google. It can record the 4k video at 20 fps rate or 1080p at 60fps for HD video quality and getting image stabilisation. The Yi has 150-degree wide angle lens which captures the action accurately, 2-inch full-colour touchscreen display everything in front of you as it occurs. You can sync the mobile with the Wi-Fi connectivity and enable you to manage the footage with the Yi action app.

The 4k camera, Yi is available for the limited time on Amazon for $47 with $13 coupon, redeemable on the page of the product.

Vetch kidizoom action camera-$35

If you are inspired by the action photographer and young adventure in the life, check the kid-friendly kidizoom from Vtech. One of the easy to sue action camera which captures video and photos have preprogrammed filters and editing effects for both the video and pictures. It has the rugged case, waterproof up to 6 feet, the ultimate choice for taking to the beach and pool, with adhesive and bike mount to adjust the camera as it won’t handle the low light.

It’s not like the Hero 5 Black, GoPro Hero 3, or Hero 5 session, available in the Amazon $ 35, one of the cheap cameras for the adventurer.

Intova Dub action camera-$39

It is designed for a purpose-built for adventures; you take the camera into leaks, ocean or swimming pool, waterproof at a depth of up to 200 feet. Still better, drop from your hand into the water, it will be comfortable to retrieve and safe from the water due to waterproof capability.  The Dub shoots full HD video at 1080p resolution, 108-degree lens, and 1.5 inch LCD screen.

The life of the internal battery is up to two hours, before recharge need, and the camera’s threaded mounting hole is aligned and compatible with standard aftermarket mounts and accessories. The most retailers provide the camera around $100, but you can buy in just $ 39 from Amazon with $81 discount, budget-friendly camera and incredible features, rugged, waterproof and floatable action camera for use in boating.

Yuntab 1080 action camera-$ 24

Looking for the affordable GoPro alternatives.  Yuntab is the best option for the beginner. You wouldn’t buy the 4k unit at this price; it has outclassed camera feature, 1080p video recording capability, wide angle lens, and 2 inches vibrant LCD. The action camera use 5-megapixel sensors for shooting, capture the time-lapse pictures. Comes in durable waterproof case, perfect to use underwater adventures up to 100 feet.

Available in just $24 on Amazon, the Yuntab 1080p cam is the first preference for those who want to explore the world underwater.

Sony HDR-AS50 1080P Action Camcorder-$198

In the recent years, the Sony involve in designing the action camera, wearable video recorder, unique, affordable alternative to the traditional design. The HDR-AS50 action camcorder is intended for purpose-built, different outdoor tools and equipment, from helmet to bikes. Different from other cameras that have the built-in touch display. The Sony remotes wrap on the wrist to get the live view, control hub so no need to worry to fiddle the camera wherever its set.  The HDR-AS50 is capable of shooting the 1080p videos at 60 fps or 720p videos at 120fps and use the 12 MP sensor for capturing the pictures.

Available Sony HDR-AS50 1080p action camera in $198 down on B&H.

Ion Air Pro 2 Action Camcorder-$109

The affordable alternative to the Sony action camcorder, Air Pro 2 from ion, having similar features and ideal for the mounting to bikes, watercraft, and vehicle. The Air Pro 2 capable of shooting 1080p full HD video at 30 fps and 14 MP, time-lapse pictures and burst. The Air Pro 2 is waterproof up to 30 feet; you don’t need a separate case and battery last up to 2.5 hours.

This camera is the best for kids and teens who want to have the bicycling action camera, come with handy bike mount as well. It is one of the cheap camcorder style GoPro alternatives, available at Amazon $109.

Polaroid cube action camera-$54

Famous for instant-print picture cameras, the company offers the lineup of affordable GoPro alternatives which have iconic rainbow-striped Polaroid design. The camera has 1080p action camera, accessible, 124-degree wide angle lens, great touch.  It is compatible with the variety of mounts, the built-in magnet for secure attachment with the surface of metals.

Get $54 from Amazon the black Polaroid cube action camera which previously comes in $100-$120.


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