Stop Meddling – North Korea Warns US in Its Affairs with South Korea

Stop Meddling - North Korea Warns US in Its Affairs with South Korea

North Korea delivered a warning to the U.S.  On thursday to prevent meddling, in its own affairs with South Korea and criticized Washington’s unreasonable attitude, and aggressive, policies.

An editorial from the nation’s state run Rodong Sinmun newspaper blamed the U.S. For stagnation within the connection between north and South Korean, asserting the US doesn’t wish to see the progress and evolution of the Korean relations.

While relations between Pyongyang and Washington remain in a deadlock for North Korea’s nuclear disarmament and the lifting of international sanctions, Seoul is moving forward in peace gestures and involvement with the North.

The two Koreas have removed 10 shield positions in the demilitarized area that separates the peninsula and lately held an inauguration ceremony on a job to connect their railroad systems.

But that project and others like it can’t move much further till the U.S.-led sanctions on North Korea are raised. The North has also been keen to reopen a collectively run mill park at its own border city of Kaesong and also to resume South Korea tours to the hotel area of Mount Kumgang.

We’ll never tolerate the intervention and disturbance of the U.S. That attempts to look at reconciliation, unity and reunification of the Korean nation while attempting to weak the north south relations to its own tastes and interests, stated the editorial.

The sharp words came only a day after President Donald Trump said he’d obtained a fantastic letter, from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the two might want to meet for a second time.

Talking to journalists at a Cabinet meeting in the White House on Wednesday,” Trump said that he and Kim have made tremendous progress, and have really established a good relationship, in addition, he claimed credit for preserving peace on the Korean peninsula, stating that if it were not for the efforts of his government, you’d be needing a nice, big, fat warfare in Asia.

But, Trump said he wasn’t in any rush, to hold a second meeting. Trump has regularly praised Kim, saying in September that the leader of the North was terrific, and the two fell in love, following their historic summit in Singapore last June.

That summit produced an agreement that North Korea would work towards a comprehensive denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, although the U.S. Promised to give security guarantees. But more than 6 months later, there’s been little tangible progress.

Pyongyang carries on to look for respite from penalizing worldwide sanctions and an arrangement for the official end to the Korean War, even while Washington is holding out for whole denuclearization, sticking to its maximum pressure, plan on the economic and diplomatic fronts.

On a televised New Year’s Day address, Kim said he was ready to meet again with Trump anytime, however delivered a warning never to test North Korea’s patience on sanctions, threatening that it might need to find a new way, to defend its own interests.


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