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Wedding Catering York

When making a budget for your wedding reception, the biggest share usually goes for the food. Hiring the right company of wedding catering York is the perfect thing to do. Since you will be coming across different wedding caterers during your search, it is advisable to spend time interviewing each caterer to find out detailed information about their services.


See what each caterer specializes in. Does the caterer focus on certain types of cuisine? Depending on your wedding theme, you may need a specific caterer. For instance, if you are planning to have an oriental type of wedding, you may want to hire a caterer that specializes in Asian cuisine. Consider a caterer that has catered weddings in past. You should ask if a food tasting session is possible. A good, professional caterer will provide tasting sessions, therefore, if a caterer fails to do so, then it is time to find another one.

Service cost

Check the service cost. The cost of catering depends on the menu, but caterers may issue package rates. The caterer would provide linens, and napkins, plus other facilities. See if usage fees for items are included in the package or you have to rent them separately. At the same time, you may also have to provide a gratuity to the attendants. Get a complete quotation and see if the total cost would fit your budget.


Ask the caterer about other services that they can provide. It is common for caterers to provide tables, chairs, plates, utensils, and so on. Ask your caterer what they can offer for your wedding reception. Facilities also include all-inclusive package. But you have to be sure what is included in the package.


Who will decorate the wedding reception venue? Decorating the wedding reception venue may be a job for wedding florists or the caterers. If the caterer handles the job, then you don’t need to look at florists and wedding venue decorators. At the same time, confirm with the caterer if they will do the table setting and skirting.


Make sure the company of wedding catering York is available on your wedding day. Sometimes, mistakes on early bookings happen when the caterer accepts another offer for the same day as your wedding day. This can lead to a disaster. You must confirm with your caterer that they have other commitments on your scheduled wedding. If the caterer handles two wedding on the same day, you have to make sure that they have enough staff to deploy your reception.

Suggestions for design

Ask the caterer for suggestions on menus or wedding venue decorations. Sometimes, you just cannot come up with brilliant ideas on decorations or you just cannot make up your mind about what to serve to guests. An experienced caterer can always provide a suitable sample menu. They may recommend a modest or lavish menu depending on a planned number of guests.

The caterer should provide waiter. Generally, caterers do but make sure that they will. Ask if the services of the waiters are included in the overall charges.

Ask for the photos of previous wedding receptions they served. Check out the table setting or venue decorations that they have organized. The past photos should also include the food arrangements and presentation on the buffet table that they have done.

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