Russia and Spain: Yeah You Heard The Right Its Russian Team Who Sent Spain Packing!

Russia and Spain

“Anyone,” said Cherchesov, the coach of Russia’s World Cup team, “can be a god if he tries.”

On Sunday it was a game of World Cup’s 16th round between Russia and Spain. Cherchesov, knows very well what people were thinking about his team. Russia beyond the fact of hosting the event had the lowest rank in the World Cup. When a breathtaking game was scheduled between the lowest ranked team and former European and World Champion.

The Russian team was facing quite a stress these days. But Russian coach, Cherchesov, knows well what his team can do. And his expectations blew up so perfectly when Russia won from world champion Spain in penalty round.

Russia and Spain

Russia kicked off Spain to packing after Sunday’s game. Russia won agonist Spain by a 4-3 goal in 30 minutes duration of penalty kicks. In 90 minutes, normal match duration both teams had a tie with 1-1 goals.

Hero of the game was, of course, stunning Igor Akinfeev, goalkeeper of the Russian team. He kicked away Iago Aspas’s 5th penalty attempt to defend Spain. With this marvelous victory, Russia’s black day of stress finally vanished. Now, with coach Cherchesov, Russian players can toast away any team of the tournament.

Russia and Spain

Midfielder Aleksandr Golovin said, “It’s an incredible feeling, to be honest, I do not even know what to do right now. We are in some kind of dream, a fairy tale.”

However, Spain was dominating the game in the first round. Spain’s strategy was to keep the ball to them and hit a goal when a condition is suitable. Russians know their strategy very well. Therefore, they were well prepared already.

Golovin said. “We knew that Spain would play the ball in the match and leave it to them: We were prepared for this,” “We knew that we would keep them as far away from the penalty area as possible.”

The real hero of the game was Igor Akinfeev, as he knocked out Spain by stopping their last penalty attempt and gain marvelous victory. The second hero was, Dzyuba. He played and converted a penalty, which ultimately led to Russia’s victory. Another significant player in the game was, Sergey Ignashevich, the 38-year-old center back, as he got a chance to get in the team at prep times. This energetic player played every single and checked Spain to play with a consistency at center back.

Russian crowd cheered their team, buy roaring up loudly even at a small effort of players. At first half of the game, Spain was quite dominant. Goal rate was 1 for Spain and zero for Russia. Its opening goal came off the right ankle of Ignashevich, who accidentally scored this World Cup’s 10th own goal — a record total already — as he fell to the ground while snarling with Spain’s Sergio Ramos on a free kick in the 12th minute.

After 40 minutes, Russia scored its first goal. Then this 1-1 goal rate was kept sustain till the end of 90 minutes. After that, an extension of 30 minutes was added. Russia defended 5th penalty goal by Spain and kicked them to packing. Finally, they chased a marvelous victory.

Russia and Spain

This is how Russia won:

  • PK: Russia 4, Spain 3
  • PK: Russia 4, Spain 3
  • PK: Russia 3, Spain 3
  • PK: Russia 3, Spain 2
  • PK: Russia 2, Spain 2
  • PK: Spain 2, Russia 2
  • PK: Spain 2, Russia 1
  • PK: Spain 1, Russia 1
  • PK: Spain 1, Russia 0

Penalty Kicks on Tap:

On fifth penalty kick of Spain, Russia defended well and won the game. Coach, Cherchesov, watched the game with a great enthusiasm and shared his views as:

“I believe this is only the beginning,” “so I have to save my emotions for the future.”


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