Referees Can Abandon World Cup Matches In Case Of Racism, Says FIFA President

FIFA President

There are rumors flaming that the tournament in Russia that was going to be held on next Thursday can be persistent after severe problems in the country. Meanwhile, England defender Danny Rose has told his family not to travel for some time after being abused on Wednesday, backing the Tottenham player.
Infantino address that there could be serious consequences occur during these matches if issue remained the same.

He said: “I wouldn’t say that we are concerned about discrimination, human rights, and security but we take them very seriously, we have taken appropriate measure in the preparation process We will have clear procedures in place, including a three-step process for referees who can stop, suspend or even abandon a match in case of discrimination.
“We have a monitoring system and then immediate sanctions if something happens.
“We obviously wish that doesn’t happen and everyone has been warned that if it happens there will be serious consequences.”

This tournament in Russia will be awarded as the first tournament using video technology by using VAR. It has been seen in the past that trials have been changes into success many times. Infantino said it is the right time to bring it. He further said:
“Football is ready for the introduction of VAR, we have been testing it for the last two years.

“We have been studying it and we are convinced of the benefits of it. It will not solve 100 percent of the issues but it will be a great help to the referees and we have to help the referee if we can.
He further added:
“In 2018 it’s not conceivable that everyone in the stadium or at home knows within seconds if the referee has committed a big mistake and this can happen because they are human.
“The only one who doesn’t know is the referee, not because he didn’t want to know but because we prohibited him to know.

“Now we allow him to know and this will bring more justice in the game. The referee will always take the final decision.”
Let’s see what’s going to be the conclusion of this 21st Russian tournament. Let’s hope for the best.


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