Gold Rings

Undeniably, Gold Rings are one of the most expensive and valuable jewels. Especially, women love to have it. Price of gold is rising. So that this item is considered valuable. It is a best gift you can give to your dear one like mother, girlfriend, sister and best friend. A person who receiving she will feel more special. It is a little piece of jewellery but this piece makes any women happy. Additionally, Majority of people prefer these type of expensive rings for wedding or engagement. Here we discuss a few aspects that help you to buy a right ring for your loved one.

What type of Gold is best for a ring?

Gold is one of the precious metals in the world. It made in various shades and karats. Before buying an expensive ring, you make sure you learn exactly what you are buying. Gold rings are made up of an alloy of gold. It also made with other metal, such as copper, silver, nickel, and zinc. Here we list down a few types of Gold. They are easily available in the market. You can easily find it from jewellery stores.

  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Green Gold

Yellow Gold:

Pure gold is really yellow. The metals are mixed that depends on the karats you decide to harden up your piece. Interestingly, yellow is the closest to the pure gold. Silver, zinc, and copper are the most common metals used to mix with yellow gold.

White gold:

Most people like white gold. It blends of pure gold and white metals like silver, nickel, and palladium. It is dull in colour and plated with a rhodium chemical to give a whiter look. Now, people do not like nickel. Because of it allergic to them.

Rose Gold:

A Great proportion of copper and pure gold are blend to make a rose gold. To give a reddish type, increase the copper in the blend. You often hear these pieces give pink or red shade. The slight difference you can see in the tones because the amount of copper added during the alloying process.    

Green Gold:

Leaving Cooper out of the blend and just having pure gold and silver create green gold.

How is the Gold purity measured? 

Pure gold is measured in karats (K) or carats (ct). It describes the proportion of the gold. The higher the proportion of gold, the more expensive jewel will be. Usually, pure gold is too soft. By mixture, 14K gold with other metals, this makes stronger and durable for wear.

Purity and durability depend on the Gold Karats:

Are you concerned about the purity and durability of gold rings? Keep in mind purity, design and durability it all in the Karats. Here we list down some information about karats.

  • 24K- No Allergic reaction, pure in color, more expensive, easily scratched
  • 18K- Brighter tone, do not cause an Allergic reaction, more expensive
  • 14K- Durable, most popular due to more gold than non-gold metals
  • 10K- least pure but more durable

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