Prince Harry Makes News by Kissing a Royal Fan

Prince Harry

Prince Harry during his awaited visit to Brighton on Wednesday breaks the Royal protocol after kissing the hand of an adorable fan and well-wisher and confirmed his status as a royal charter.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex conducted an unscheduled walkabout after arriving in the famous seaside town of Brighton.

In the video, captured by 18-year-old student Francesca Troon, the royal couple is seeing causing a stir, when Prince Harry kissed the hand of a lady named Lydia before she praises Meghan for looking so beautiful.

The Duchess also inquired from the lady as to where she was from, to which the lady replied: “Hastings.”

According to Ms Troon, the lady was excited and feeling lucky that Prince Harry kissed her hand. She also received praise from other loyal spectators, with one of them saying: “Well done.”

Ms Troon further stated on the situation to the Mail, saying that the couple was on the other side of the street and heard fans shouting their names on our side.

After hearing their names, the Dutchess walked towards this lady, who was elderly in her eighties. Meghan then asked the lady her name and where she came from. After that Harry reached over and she introduces the elderly lady to him.

Royals commonly are not expected to shake the hands of their loyal fans; however, this younger couple and members of the Royal family have taken a more relaxed approach to high protocol-breaking all stereotypes.

Princess Anne in ITV’s Queen of the World documentary commented on this issue stating that: “We never shook hands, the theory was that you couldn’t shake hands with everybody, so don’t start. So I kind of stick with that. But I notice others don’t.”

“It’s not for me to say that it is wrong, but I think the initial concept was that it was patently absurd to start shaking hands.

“But it seems to me that it’s become a shaking hands exercise rather than a walkabout, so it has changed.”

The Royal couple also visited:

  • The Survivor’s Network, which is a Brighton-based charity that supports the survivors of sexual abuse.
  • The Edes House in Chichester, where they saw a rare Sussex copy of the American Declaration of Independence.
  • They officially opened the and Digital Technology Park in Bognor Regis.
  • They concluded their visit to the coastal town of Peacehaven, where they met young individuals at the JOFF Youth Centre.


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