North Korea- Trump teases second summit with Kim Jong Un

North Korea- Trump teases second summit with Kim Jong Un
Negotiations are ongoing on the site for a second summit between U.S. And North Korea, President Donald Trump stated Sunday, although he did not specify when the meeting will take place.We are negotiating a location, Trump told reporters on the south lawn of the White House before boarding a helicopter for a staff retreat at Camp David. It’ll be announced likely in the not very distant future.

Trump, who stated a week ago he’d, received a fantastic letter, from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, worried that Washington’s relationship with Pyongyang is going well.

With North Korea, we’ve got a very good dialogue, he said, asserting that he’d spoken indirectly to Kim.

I am not going  any further than that. I am going to say it’s very special, Trump said.

The president’s remarks came following a week of rhetoric in North Korea on diplomatic negotiations that seem to have hit a deadlock.

In the television New Year’s address, Kim Jong UN stated he was ready to meet again with Trump anytime, but delivered a warning never to test North Korea’s patience with sanctions, threatening that the Communist state might have to find a new way, to defend its own interests.

An editorial in North Korea state media on Thursday further cautioned the prevent meddling, in Korean affairs and criticized Washington’s unreasonable attitude, and hostile, policies.

The first summit between Trump and Kim, held last June in Singapore, made a declaration saying that North Korea would work towards a full denuclearization of Korean Peninsula. , But information on the timing and the meaning of the agreement stay vague.

Pyongyang carries on to look for respite from punishing international sanctions and an arrangement for the official end to the Korean War, while Washington is holding out for complete denuclearization, sticking to its highest pressure, plan on the economic and diplomatic fronts.

Trump reiterated on Sunday that sanctions would stay in full force, until North Korea supplied quite positive proof, of results.

He also defended the results of his diplomatic strategy with North Korea, repeating the requirement there would have been a war in Asia without his administration’s efforts.

Anybody else, but mepersonally, you’d be in warfare right now. He said. You want, right now, be in a nice, big, fat warfare in Asia with North Korea when I wasn’t elected president.

In addition Sunday, Trump commented on forthcoming trade talks with China, saying that he believed Beijing would like to make a deal.

The tariffs have absolutely hurt China really badly, he stated, referring to the $250 billion in tariffs the U.S. has imposed on Chinese goods. I think China would like to get it solved. He said. Their economy isn’t doing well.

China’s economics has seen a downturn over latest months 2018, a chill that’s being felt globally across stock markets and sluggish sales forecasts from companies like Apple.

A U.S. Delegation is currently in Beijing for two days of trade talks scheduled to start on Monday. The world’s two largest economies agreed in December to a temporary truce on the trade war and are looking to strike a new deal before a March 2 deadline.


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