Nick Kyrgios Fired A Ferocious 217km/H (135mph) Ace During Wimbledon Win

Nick Kyrgios

It was really an unexpected act thing, when Kyrgios, Australian bad boy consoled the ballgirl, whom he knockout with a heavy smash of a tennis ball. He strikes an ace of 217km/h (135mph) in his second round to make a winning strike. His furious strike proved well for him and he won the match. But there was something else that drove his attention. His heavy stroke hit the arm of a ballgirl standing aside the scoreboard.

Denis Istomin of Uzbekistan consoled the girl when Kyrgios followed him and pelt the crying lady. It was quite an unexpected act from the Australian bad boy, who is notoriously known for his bad temper and misbehavior with his opponents and fans. Recently he was fined due to an immoral sex act with a water bottle on the court at Queen’s Club.

Beyond all these factors, he showed his soft corner for the girl and consoled her nicely. On asking about this incident he said:

‘Originally when I heard the sound, I thought it hit the scoreboard, ‘Then I realized it was her arm. It was tough. She started crying. It was tough. She took it like a champ, though. I would have been crying, for sure.’

So, according to Kyrgios 23, it was hard for him to tackle the situation. Let’s share some info regarding the game as well. So, in this game average speed of Nick Kyrgios 23, was 199kmh, with a fasted speed range of 218kmh.

But he admitted that his opponent was playing quite comfortably at grass. And he has to go a little violent to hit a winning ace.

Kyrgios said:

‘Very tough match. I didn’t play anywhere near my best tennis today,’ ‘I served well, but I struggled to find a rhythm. That’s what he does so well on the grass court.

‘I would prefer to play like a South American guy who’s never played on grass before.’

When reporters asked him of his fellow former Wimbledon quarter-finalist: he said. He plays very well on the grass. If he puts his mind to it, he can do some damage here, for sure. I saw how he played today. He looks comfortable.’

Nick 23, gained his well-struggled victory against Uzbeki opponent. Australian player required 42 aces to get a victory.  Strike score of the game was 7-6 (7-3) 7-6 (7-4) 6-7 (5-7) 6-3. And finally, he got his winning strike that came out to be a curse for the ballgirl. Well, these things happen, the thing that matters a lot is Kyrgios behavior that was much more courteous than anyone can expect.

Next Kyrgios faces Robin Haase the stunning Dutchman. In his fourth week of the fifth visit to all England club.

He got very furious at not being able to score sufficiently in the first round against Istomin’s first 21 service games. He said:

‘I’d rather have zero boxes. Zero,’ he moaned. ‘I’d rather have nothing.’

After many consoling therapies, still, Kyrgios cannot stabilize his emotions in court. He said:

‘just have so many thoughts when I’m out there,’ ‘Like, I get so angry. I just go through so many different patches in a game. I guess it’s so hard for me to find that balance. ‘look like I don’t care one minute, then the next minute I’m playing really well… It’s a tug of war all the time.’

Anyhow, beyond all these facts and figures. It was quite a touchy moment to see the soft side of Australian heck. He proved that he has positive emotions as well…


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