Suspected Killer Of Nia Wilson Arrested For Macarthur BART Stabbing

Nia Wilson

The killer of Nia Wilson was arrested last night. The suspect who attacked two sisters with some pointed weapon like the knife is arrested now. After his brutal attack on both sisters, one died on the spot and the other one is suffering from deep wounds. The police arrested the criminal from pleasant hill Bart station.

A brutal attack on Nia Wilson

A Bart rider captured that process in her cell phone and confirmed that suspect has been arrested. The name of the criminal is Cowell, which makes two sisters victim badly. After the brutal attack on them, he was disappeared from that place. Everyone wants to find him and sends to the police. Police of that area also starts searching for him. At last, they find him in between hills on Bart station. When police asked him some question related to his identification. Without any hesitation and doubts, he reveals his identity and confirmed that he is from California.

Murder disturbs the whole area

After the arrest, people of that area feel relax and comfort. This attack creates the huge impact on the people in that area. They started the protest to arrest and punish him. Maybe it’s the reason the police if bay area arrested him that quickly.

Nia Wilson

One sister died and another in critical condition

After the police investigation, the real story of this criminal act comes out. Police said that the criminal Cowell attacked two sisters with the knife. As a result, one of them had died on the spot and the other one is admitted to the hospital. The whole tragedy has occurred on Mac author station at 9:40 pm.

Further investigation

With some more investigation, the lady who is his neighbor said that she knows him from his childhood. From last some years, he is involved in the number of criminal acts and has an extensive criminal record. So it’s not as much shocking that he killed one and wounded another. He is criminal and maybe there were some problems or issues with them. I don’t know what the issues are, but no one would like to live with the criminal. The first criminal case on him was filed in 2016 when he threatened to kills the employee of Richmond Field Company. After this, he was found guilty in robbery cases and many other criminal acts as well. We have no contact with him, because we don’t want to make contact with criminals, said his neighbor.


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