Mother Accused Of Killing Baby With Drug-Laced Breast Milk


Samantha Jones, a 30 years old Mother was charged with the criminal murder of his own 11-week old baby boy. The reason behind this cruel death was a toxic mixture of her breast milk that she fed to her son.

Sources say that Samantha Jones is addicted to painkillers. To reduce her addiction, Doctor prescribed her methadone. On 2nd April she fed her son with her lace breast milk. As a result, the infant died after some time. We are going to share the whole story with you.

According to the accused, On April 2nd, at 3 am, son of Samantha felt hungry and cried for milk. She was too tired to wake up and make a milk bottle for her baby. So, she chose to breastfeed instead, without taking a notice of her addiction and current medical status. After some time, the baby’s color became pale and a mucus with blood secreted from his nose.

Seeing this, Jone’s mother became worried and called 911. She started CPR following the instructions of a dispatcher.

Police reached New Britain from 56 kilometers (35 miles) north of Philadelphia. They found a baby in a cardiac arrest. Than ambulance took the infant to the hospital, where he unfortunately died.

Mother Killing Baby

After that autopsy was done to confirm the exact cause of his death. Results of the autopsy revealed that Jone was fed with a lethal mixture of methamphetamine, amphetamine, and methadone. This fact was revealed by the affidavit officer on duty.

Moving on, confirmation officer also told that mother was mostly breastfeeding the infant. Only a few days before his death, she exchanged the procedure because she said the baby was not getting sufficient milk.

On Friday, Samantha was charged with her son’s murder. His Lawyer did not appear on Monday. So, further proceedings are not clear yet.

There are two more threatening cases in the town in which babies were killed by their mums due to heavy drug addiction and laced breast milk.

Two previous Arizona TV news reporters were punished to one year of probation along with suspended 30-day jail sentence. Causes behind this, cocaine was found in their baby’s body that led them to die in 2016.

Secondly, in 2012, another baby died due to ingestion of methamphetamine-laced breast milk of her mother. This Californian lady was sentenced to jail prison for six months.  All these cases are threat and lesson for other parents to be careful.


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