Mel B Faces £270,000 Divorce Bill

Mel B

As we all know who Mel B is as from last few months we are listening to the news of her divorce case. Finally, the English songwriter and singer get the divorce from Stephen Belafonte. She went through an acrimonious divorce.

She has to give 350,000 dollars to her ex-husband, which is legal fees, and also she has to pay 5,000 as a monthly sum of her six-year-old daughter Madison for her monthly support.

In 2017 the beautiful couple split and the reason which Mel B gave at that time was that her husband tortured her physically and mentally and was also very abusive towards her daughter.

Mel B Case

Mr. Stephen denied those allegations and preferred to file a case in court. Nevertheless, they both agree to live 200 yards away from each other after the warning order of judge Mark Juhas that they had each tried to put on the others.

And now…….

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The complaint will be addressed for Madison’s school. They will take care of her extracurricular activities and will attend teacher meetings and conferences.

Stephen Belafonte is celebrating his victory and was also very delighted with the court’s decision. The main reason for his happiness is that Mel B has to pay 350,000 dollars to him. After the court decision, it is cleared that the allegation that she put on him is totally wrong. That’s why she has to pay legal fees to him.

The separation was announced in the lose Angeles superior court where the judge had cleared that Mel B has to pay that particular amount to her ex-husband.


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