Meghan Markle’s Cousins Could Be Walking Streets Of Belfast


It is actually a great news for the people of Ireland and Belfast that they are soon going to discover a relation with Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Genealogist Lorna Moloney is dealing with this scenario. She said that public records of 1830 are revealing that Meghan’s ancestors could be Mary McCue. The news was discovered this weekend.

Ms. Moloney said. “It’s certainly more than possible that there are people walking around in Belfast that are descendants of Mary. I’m sure they’ll get a huge influx of calls – this is a big thing.”

Duchess of Sussex visited the Republic with Prince Harry this week when she was presented with documents. These documents create her link with ancestors that lived in Ireland and Belfast. In subsequent content, we shall discuss the whole history of Meghan, 36 that has been revealed until now.

According to these documents, Ireland forefather was paternal. Meghan’s great great great grandmother was a Belfast woman, whose name was Mary McCue (McHugh). She married an English soldier Thomas in 1860 in Dublin. This wedding is registered being taken place in St Mary’s Church of Ireland on January 23 in Donnybrook.

Moreover, it is said that before a week after their wedding, a newspaper reported that the island had to face a hurricane. Ms. Fitzsimmons noted it as a “whirlwind romance”.

Helen Moss, Fitzsimmons, and Moloney are the Genealogists that made great efforts to put this information ahead. All of this information was presented to Meghan 36, during her visit to Irish Emigration Centre, EPIC.


Records also showed that Mary’s father name was listed in public records as Francis McCue, who was a farmer by profession.

Further, Mary and Thomas had two daughters – One was Harriett and other was Meghan’s great great great grandmother, Mary.

A couple has to travel many regions due to transfers of Thomas to different places. In June 1860 they were in Malta. After six years in 1866, they traveled to New Brunswick in Canada. Unfortunately, Thomas died at a young age of 36 in July 1866.

Meghan Markle’s Wedding

After that Mary who was registered as Irish and Catholic with her two daughters lived in Canadian census in 1877, where she got married again to William White, an English man who was also a widower and shared the same occupation with her late husband.

She and William White had two more children – One daughter named as Alexandra, who died at a very young age. A second was a son born in 1873, whose name was William Thomas.

Interestingly, it’s William Thomas’s death certificate that revealed her original name McCue and her birthplace that was noted as Belfast.

After that family was moved to New Hampshire in the United States, where on August 28, 1885, Mary died due to chronic pneumonia in her mid-50s.

In 1930, Mary’s daughter Harriett filled in documents in which her mother’s country was mentioned as North Ireland. There was a conflict, her surname was listed in some official documents as McKeg and in some others McCague. Genealogists have analyzed it as a voice misspelling. Ms. Fitzsimmons explained it as a random error caused by bad listening.

She mentioned that Ms. Moloney’s and Ms. Moss’s work on Meghan’s ancestry has been proved greatly beneficial to find out these ancestral links. Ms. Moloney worked by herself in the United States.

Ms. Moloney is happy with her work and wants to go more prior in history to get more information regarding Mary. She said. “That’s what I’ll be looking for – the location of where Mary lived, and her parents’ names, which they could open up the research to go further back,”


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