Meghan Markle: Queen Gives Prince Harry Wife Honour That Kate Middleton Has Never Received

Meghan Markle

In next week Tuesday, June 26, Meghan Markle is going to attend an essential event organized by Queen Elizabeth 92. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will together appear in this event. However, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, 36, Duchess of Cambridge has not been invited to the event.

Family Meeting

This family meeting was announced on royal family’s official Twitter account @RoyalFamily.

“The Queen will also be accompanied by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the @QueensLeaders Awards on Tuesday. #QueensYoungLeaders”

Many royal personalities attended this event in the past. But, Duchess of Cambridge however, has not yet got chance to accompany them.

Meghan 36, gain this opportunity after spending a trip to Cheshire with Queen Elizabeth last week. Kate 36, also attended that trip but cannot impress the queen.

Although, Meghan Markle used Kate’s style kit. She wore clear tights, according to queen 92, as clear tights is a basic component of a royal lady’s personality.

Meghan’s nude nails were also showed; how hard she tried to impress Queen Elizabeth. Queen has been using a single color of nail paint since 1989. Kate started using this shade since she became a royal lady.

It is believed that Prince William and Kate 36, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not going to attend this young leader’s event.


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