Meghan Being All Possessive about Her Prince Charming on Their First Outing at Buckingham Palace

royal wedding

The royal wedding of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth Harry and versatile actress Meghan Markel has become top story around the world. People are eagerly waiting about the latest updates of their first married engagement. Well, the stunning couple chose their first outing for a family event. They are going to attend the 70th birthday party of Prince Charles. This is a typical garden party arranged at Buckingham Palace. The newlywed couple is going to be the shining star of the party.

When the couple was going to its first visit out, Meghan holds the arm of Harry showing their super bonding. Most people said that Meghan is being possessive about the prince. Well, she knows better…

Its Meghan’s first experience as the Duchess of Sussex. This is for the first time when Meghan will be addressed as her highness. Of course, it’s going to be a memorable event of her life. All of the guests will call her with her ma’am.

After the honeymoon, Prince Charles is going to address at his father’s birthday party. At this garden party, about 6,000 people (Royal guests) have been invited for tea, sandwiches and of course a lavish cake with Prince Charles.

Overall, it’s going to be a grand family event for Meghan. Although Harry and Meghan have enjoyed a little period of their honeymoon and came back early to honor the great prince Charles. But they are soon going to announce about their long honeymoon again in June or July, and the place will be most probably Ireland.

The new Duchess has welcomed warmly by the family after their two days visit to Windsor Castle. She addressed the royal family for the first time in an event. The whole family greeted her well and appreciated her speech. While on the other hand people were eagerly waiting for this speech.

Prince Harry wears the typical royal outfit with a royal stick in his hand. And Meghan wears a large hat look stunning and gorgeous. All the time, Meghan put her hand on Harry’s arm to show that yes! He is mine now.

Meghan’s outfit was liked by everyone. She wore a white dress by Goat, hat by Philip and sheer tights favored by Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince Harry also spoke at the event. Well, prince seems to be quite happy and his speech was interrupted by a roar of laughter. On the whole, the first married engagement of Meghan and Harry was full of giggles, appreciation, and cheers. Love was spread all around…


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