Manicure tools–A perfect treatment for your finger and toe nails

Manicure tools

Not only the way you dress makes a first good and lasting impression but well-manicured nails as well. The condition in which you keep your nails says a lot about your personality. So keeping them in tip-top and proper form is a must. The manicure process is not completed without the essential manicure tools, and the good thing is that you can carry them anywhere you go. The essentials that are included in the kit are:

Glass Nail File

As compared to the traditional emery board nail file the glass one is a better option to invest in. It is because the glass nail file will leave the edges of your nail smoother and less rough than other types. They are also easy to sterilize and are perfect manicure tools for acrylic nails. Although, they are bit expensive but if you wish to get perfect nails then always go for this option.

Base Coat

While it might not seem essential to apply a base coat of clear nail polish before the application of your favorite colour. It is, in fact, vital for healthy and good looking nails. A quality base coat will protect your nails from discoloration, splitting, peeling, breaking or from becoming brittle. It is always recommended that when you go for purchasing the base coat select the one that contains Aloe Vera or vitamin E. It helps in strengthening your nails. Also, it will keep the nails healthy, and application of the nail polish will go smoother and stay longer.

Top Coat

Another one of the essential items in manicure tools kit is the top coat. The top coat will help in keeping your nail polish looking perfect by preventing them from getting chipped and helps it to last longer. In other words, it is a protective coat that will keep your nail polish from getting damage during work, washing dishes or other related activities.

Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover

This item is imperative for several reasons. A regular nail polish remover will be adequate for merely removing some unappealing nail polish of your tips. But it is not recommended to use when removing the nail polish from acrylic nails. It will also ensure that your nail polish adheres to the nails properly. You can also remove any unnecessary oils from the nails by dipping the cotton ball in non-acetone nail polish remover across your nails.

Nail Clippers/Tweezers

Nail clippers is an essential tool to keep your nails healthy. A poor quality nail clippers can lead to jagged edges and painful hangnails. Similarly, the tweezers are essential to keep your toenails and fingernails
healthy and good looking.

Cotton Pads

Cotton pads are a great thing to remove the nail polish, clean the nails before applying polish and also helps in keeping the toes separated. The cotton pads are inexpensive and practical as compared to paper towels or tissues.

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