MAKE YOUR EYES LOOK ATTRACTIVE BY Professional Eyelashes Extensions

Professional Eyelashes Extensions

Eyelashes are used by most of the women nowadays. The woman, who want their eyelashes to look thicker and longer without mascara usually use Professional Eyelashes Extensions. Some of the false eyelashes are expensive and some of them are cheap it depends on the quality of the eyelash. Most of the eyelashes are made up from original hairs they are definitely expensive and some of them are made up from artificial hairs.

Importance of Professional Eyelashes Extensions

Eyelashes are very important for our eyes they basically act as a bodyguard for our eyes. The eyelashes are very essential for our eyes. They block away from the air particles from our eyes because. They should need to be moist all the time. They also stop dirt particles to get enter into your eyes. The length of eyelashes is one-third to the total width of your eye. If they are longer than the average size. Then they lose their ability to stop air and stop the dust particles to get enter into your eyes.

How to apply eyelash

Most of the animals also have eyelashes because eyes are very sensitive part of the body. Even a tiny dust particle can cause irritation in the. A human upper eyelid is denser and thicker than the lower eyelid. Nowadays mostly use Professional Eyelashes Extensions to look more glorious and beautiful.

The artificial eyelashes are applied with care on your eyes with the help from an Eyelash Extension Glue which is applied on the false eyelash and then the eyelash is placed on the right position. When the glue will dry the false, eyelash will get attached to the eyelids. You can also make your eyelashes curly with the from lash curler, it is basically a tool in which you place your eyelashes and then press them with the tool with this technique you can make your eyelashes curly. Some of the people have curly eyelashes by inheritance. Curly eyelashes helps you to blink effortlessly.

 Expensive and cheap extensions

The eyelashes are only suitable for your eyes if they are expensive. It is obvious that the expensive the product is its more reliable and comfortable on the other hand the cheap ones are not comfortable and it will always irritate you when you use them.

Glue for extension

For applying false eyelashes there is a glue as in have discussed above. The false eyelash glue should be of good quality because you are going to apply it on a sensitive area and there should be no reaction. If it accidentally goes into your eyes and it is causing irritation. You should immediately consult the nearest doctor for medication. The glue must have been certified and should be of a famous cosmetic brand. Its drying time should not more than 2 seconds. The bonding should last at least 3 weeks. Always go through the instructions and the safety manual before applying.

Gel polish and nail art

Gel polish is also known as nail polish as the name signifies us is use for nails. Nail polish in addition to polish when both of combine with each other as a result the nails look very attractive. Firstly, apply one coat of polish on the natural after that apply one coat color nail polish do this procedure at least twice. Follow the instructions carefully if you want the best results.


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