Love Island Final 2018: Dani Dyer And Jack Fincham Are Crowned WINNERS

Love Island

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham got the title of Love Island champions 2018- they also announced that they will celebrate by having SEX. But Amber who is the winner of 2017 Love Island warns them that their relationship won’t last. Amber has confused the world by using such words about Dany and Jack.

As you know that Dani and Jack are finally the winners of Love Island 2018. They are extremely happy to have such title of winners 2018. It just happened last night when the last 2 couples were standing beside Caroline Flack, and she announced the name of Dani Dyer and Jack. It was just an amazing moment when Dani hugged Jack with feelings like unexpected.

Jack announced to share the prize money with Dani Dyer

The winners got two envelops separately one was blank and one of them contained £50000. The envelope of Dani was blank and Jack got this huge amount. Jack announced to share this money with Dani Dyer. Only two months ago both were both were unknown to each other and now they can’t wait even a day to spend their lives together. They reveal that they will celebrate the winning by having SEX. Jack and Dani Dyer never had sex on TV even they shared a bed every night. Jack said while an interview with Caroline Flack “they would ‘definitely’ be ‘doing bits’ as soon as they left last night.

Couple’s Love Island:

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham just revealed their love for each other in the finale following a romantic dinner. Mr. Fincham told Dani Dyer that” you are everything that I’ve ever wanted in a girl. Getting to know you and fall in love with you has been one of the most wonderful things to have ever happened in my life”

“I love you so much Dani, and I can’t wait to spend our lives together.’

These words made Miss Dani wonder to have such a beautiful and romantic proposal. Dani replied Fincham “ we have already made so many special memories, and I can’t wait for even more. I have had summer of my life in here and I owe so much of that to you, Jack”.

“I feel so lucky to have met you. We can’t wait to move in with you and have a family with you one day. I love you so much.’

The love Island 2018 got the title of the Tawdriest show on TV due to frequent sex on the programme by the Islanders. The last year winners had countless times sex on the programme in different places of the villa even in front of others. Tonight’s couple is quite different from the last one because they never have bed sex in the last two months. However, no one can wait for this long period of two months where they could so but didn’t. Dany’s father banned Dani to have sex on the Tv that’s why they still had no bed sex on the programme.


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