Lacey Mark: I Chased The ‘Wrong Thing’ On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Bachelor In Paradise

Lacy Mark said that in the first season of ‘Bachelors in paradise’, I chased the number of wrong things.

For many reasons, it is not the best and memorable season of bachelors in paradise for the Lacy Mark. In her last interview, she said that just because of paradise she realized that the things which she was chasing were the wrong things actually. These things will never help me in the future. But if I get a chance to become a part of paradise again, then I will definitely participate in it and try to chase the good things.

After the breakup, with Nick Vail (contestant of Bachelors in Paradise) in season 21. Lacy traveled to Mexico, where, she is trying to find her forever love in Alum Daniel Maguire, the Canadian model and also bachelorette.

Bachelors in Paradise season 21

She said that I am in Mexico just for the Daniel and I will stay here and do everything that I have to do for him until he comes here. The main purpose of staying here is just too observed Mark and Daniel.

After the death of her grandfather, she completed her first day of shooting and had to come back home. The shooting had been stopped just because of her various scandals like she was involved in the sex scandal with DeMario Jackosn and Corinne Olympios Contestant of Paradise. Now Mark would return back to show and enjoy summer heave with Daniel.

She is very upset with her Paradise experience. She said that Maguire played with her feelings and betrayed her. If I get the chance to go again to Paradise, then I will have a more worthy and different experience.

It’s not wrong or difficult to find true love in Paradise. You can see the relationship between Jade and Tanner and Even Bass and Carly Waddell.  She said that things are not difficult if you want to complete them if you are willing to let it work.


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