IPhone X Vs Galaxy S9: Head To Head Review: Which One To Choose?

IPhone X

Are you a mobile fanatic? Can you want to get your hands on every latest phone that emerges in the market? In truth, we all do. But there comes a time when we get confused and become indecisive about which phone to buy and nowadays, the battle is between Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and iPhone X. Both phones have the latest features, but making a purchase decision may prove more robust than ever. Both models won’t get down without a fight and are doing everything to grab customer attention.

In this article, give you a compleat review of each phone features and how they perform to help you decide which one phone is best for you.

Price iPhone X Vs Galaxy S9

In this aspect, Samsung has the sheer advantage. For the S9 the price is $720 (£739, AU$1,199) an S9 Plus $840 (£869, AU$1,349). But for the iPhone X, you have to pay a higher price, the cheapest of it will cost you $999, £999, and AU$1,579. Both models have 64GB but, unlike iPhones, S9 can be quickly and massively expanded with the addition of MicroSD cards.


The S9 has a single primary shooter, while the S9 plus has a twin-lens setup with a 12 mp wide angle and 12 mp telephoto lens for higher zoom and DSLR-style portraits. The S9 plus lets you to take control of the intensity level of the blur before or after the shot. On the contrary, iPhone X has the feature of portrait Lighting that enables you to play with different lighting options before or after you take the portrait shot.

What is best about the S9 is that it has the variable aperture which adjusts from f 1.5 and f 2.4 depending on the lighting. It helps in creating brighter shots in low light but still sustaining sharpness and clarity. This feature was in cameras, but in the case of the phone, it is a new thing. It even lets you choose the aperture yourself for photos and video. But with iPhone X it has a fixed aperture of f/1.8.

The S9 also has the new super-slow-motion feature that assists in creating more dramatic shots as compared to iPhone X. But it fails to capture full clip at this frame rate, and you can not edit after you have taken the shot. The iPhone X has max slow-mo rate of 260 fps at Full HD which you can write. To make it simpler let us break down the camera features of both models camera:

  1. S9 has an 8MP front camera along with a f/1.7 aperture
  2. iPhone X has 7MP depth-sensing camera with a f/2.2 aperture
  3. Both use software to obtain a blurred background option for selfies
  4. S9’s Selfie Focus mode is more aggressive
  5. iPhone X’s seems to be more forgiving

Although both models are neck to neck when it comes to general photography and video, the Samsung Galaxy S9 provides you more shooting options.

IPhone X

Headphone jack

In this feature, Samsung wins again. It has a headphone jack which iPhone X does not. In Apple, you can use Lightning port headphones or use the Bluetooth option.

Software and ecosystem

If you do not have any specific preference in software and ecosystem, then it is not a bid deal. However, it is essential to know the difference in this regard. The iOS choice has an impact beyond the phone. If you have already purchased all of your favourite TV shows on the iTunes, then sadly you are not be able to access them on Samsung Galaxy Android oreo 8.0 phone. On the contrary, Google services are much more Apple friendly. So, the one you choose vary on your preference.


In case of designing let us discuss them in detail.

  1. The S9s have curved edges. It has screens that appear to spill over the sides.
  2. The edges on the iPhone X are slimmer top to bottom.
  3. The iPhone comes in monochromatic Space Gray and silver colour.

4.S9 comes in Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Lilac Purple and Titanium Gray colour.


  1. Both S9 and iPhone X has the same screen size of 5.8 inches.
  2. Both have OLED displays.

3.S9 has a slightly higher resolution and pixel density (2,960×1,440 pixels/529ppi and 570ppi).

4.iPhone X has Super HD Retina Display (2,436X1,12,200 pixels/458 PPI).

5.iPhone X TrueTone technology adjusts the colour temperature of the screen about the type of ambient light. It makes the colour look accurate irrespective of the lighting condition.

Fingerprint scanner

In Galaxy S9 there is an on-screen fingerprint scanner, and it is below the camera instead. In case of iPhone X, you have to use the Face ID feature or passcode to unlock the phone.


In the storage facility, the S9 has three storage options like 64GB, 120GB and 256GB and it can be expanded up to 400GB. But in iPhone X you have 64GB and 256GB with no SD card slot. So, in this case, Samsung has a complete advantage.


Both models have the wireless charging feature, but in case of battery size, the S9 has the larger battery. But the capacity of the battery does not determine the usage time. So in this aspect, we can not explicitly declare the winner, but various tests conducted by the consumers claim that Galaxy S9 has the longer battery life noticeably.

Which One to Choose?

Whether to go with the Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone X depends on your preference like which features you want to have on your phone or use more. Price will also make a significant impact on the decision making.

So, it is a tough decision to make because both models are head to head with each other and they are not ready to give up. But if you are a loyal supporter of the iPhone or Samsung, then no matter what features the phone provides you will buy your favourite phone.


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