Impact Of Social Media On Children’s Mental Health A ‘Real Tragedy For Our Time’, Says New Private Schools Chief

Social Media

The possibly new leader of Britain’s private school is the son of 1970s rock star Alvin Stardust, his mother was a dancer, and his brother is an award-winning DJ record producer.

He said that the main advantage which my dad always had was that people had turned up by buying a ticket. Whereas, the students do not have any choice, which is the disadvantage for teachers that’s why teaching is a performing art.

You have to inspire, engage and enthrall which you have to face seven times a day and try to learn something and enjoy your lesson as well.

Social Media is Contributing

He believes that social media is contributing a lot to the mental health crisis of children which is the real tragedy of our times. He said that the pressure of staying online and get the negative information destroying the children’s mental health and it is proved with strong evidence.

This tragedy is causing the mass migration in the young generation instead of others, and it is spreading all over the world. They check their news feeds continuously after every 10 seconds. The complexities are very different from what they have been for the young generation before. The technology can create new opportunities for anxiety, harassment and destruction and also chases the children into the private spaces in their homes and families.

Four ways to keep your child safe online

  • Talk regularly about online safety and what they are doing
  • Explore their world online together
  • Agree rules about what is OK 
and what is not
  • Manage your family’s settings and controls

He said that it is the time for social media agencies to work best and provide a safe and managed environment for children which include healthy time limits as well.

He also supports the new laws of restrictions for social media firm and saying that our relationship with social media needed to be recalibrated. He also said that the platform providers have to play an important part and I am pretty sure there is a role in regulation.

However, children found many difficulties to tell parents, teachers that they are suffering from mental ill health, unlike physical illness. We need to stabilize it and give confidence to people to come forward and get the support of us.

Education and particular character of education played a critical role in helping children mental resilience to handle crises. They also required a toolkit for social media such as phones in bedrooms to ensure a healthy approach.


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