How DTG Printing Machines work and what are its benefits?

DTG Printing Machines

DTG printing is the latest kind of printing process in which the DTG Printing Machines print on textile garments by using special injunction ink. Machine by its printing process spreads ink on garments. That garment absorbs that ink making a special colourful image or desired design on it.

History of DTG:

History of DTG is not as old as the very first basic printers were invented. The crown of the invention for this machine goes to a USA textile designer Rhome. He introduced it in 1995 to the textile market after long 8 year period of work. These machines are very popular due to their mechanism and less expensiveness. But as technology got to vast many companies introduce latest machines which were also considered as good. But DTG is considered better.

Why using DTG Printing Machines?

  • DTG is low cost standard working machine best alternative to all other competitor machines.
  • Whether it takes time but all it needs is a 100 pure cotton.
  • Giving the best colourful finish to different branded shapes makes it a better option.

Benefits of the digital printing machine:

Although digital machine has all better qualities which a proper should have. But it has certain specifications which differ it from other ones.

  • Machine deals with a large number of colors. Consume a little amount of ink.
  • Probably the best less time-consuming machine making a round in a few minutes.
  • Different style of working from screen machine. DTG does not need any screening before start working.
  • Easily customizable and offer a large number of designs to their clients.
  • The operation needs cheap requirements and encourages large profit for the agency.
  • It neither requires heavy expertise or employs for its working .a person of less knowledge can easily operate it.
  • A person of less knowledge can operate it but just for the company and client satisfaction, he\she get a proper study on that would be better for agency reputation.
  • Perfect design finishing on garments with use of various colours make it a perfect package.

Difference style of working:

         DTG in both working styles and procedure is different from screening and transfer printing. It alternates both in mechanism and result. There are two methods through which it will be clarified.

  • pro:

According to pro in DTG, it is best to deal with the different multimedia designs. And it would be better to deal in low orders.

  • Cons:

It also deals with a large amount of order but in order of saving it would not be a better does mean that it not deal with the bulky work. But it is necessary for an agency to cover a proper saving and give their customer the best they can.


There are some drawbacks which are important for machine working and long going.

  1. For better printing quality we should use the single head machine. This may take a long time but good for a result.
  2. A single round should be of 10 to 12 garments. That would make work easy going.
  3. The machine should be maintained after ever 3 weeks. For standard going work, it is necessary for a machine to be checked properly.

Designs usually client need for printing:

There are hundreds of famous designs which client need for printing. Demand could be of different colours and various texture and DTG is prepared to handle all such kind of jobs. Following are some popular designs.

  • Traditional events design
  • Company advertisement design
  • Logo based colours
  • Events based
  • Films and adds logo
  • Sports brand

So as we look towards the specification of DTG Printing Machines, we will come to a conclusion that in most of the printing garments aspects, this machine is among the best option.


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