3 Charged With Kidnapping, Holding Hollywood Actor Joseph Capone Naked For 30 Hours…

Joseph Capone Kidnapping

On Tuesday three suspects were charged with the kidnapping of two people in Los Angles. They kidnapped actress Daisy McCrackin and actor Joseph Capone, and, hold Capone for 30 hours naked in the bathtub, while they forced Daisy to pay a ransom of $10,000. These truths were revealed by the prosecutor.

Amber Neal, Keith Andre Stewart and Johntae Jones were charged with assault with a firearm, kidnapping and other harassment charges due to being the main suspect of May, 3rd incident. The fact was not so clear that time, whether they have advocates to talk on these accusations or not.

Neal got arrested by a police officer on gunpoint on Monday. A bystander recorded video of this incident. Up till now, this clip has been posted on twitter more than 2.4 million times. Only Neal’s arrest can be seen this way. Rest of the suspects were taken into custody later. However, their arrest procedure has not been revealed yet.

Actor Joseph Capone Kidnapping

Prosecutor told the whole incident in detail, he said, on May 3. These three went to went to Daisy McCrackin’s home in South Los Angeles, where they found actress Daisy and actor Joseph Capone. Stewart pointed a gun towards both victims. Rest of them covered the victim’s heads with a black plastic bag, and drag them out of the home. After that, they drove them several miles away to Jones home in Compton.

So this happened today in Inglewood. The police stopped this woman and drew guns out at her even though (clear as day) she had nothing in her hands.

After being at Jones home, kidnappers forced Joseph to strip himself. They held him for 30 hours in a bathtub completely naked. Meanwhile, they forced McCrackin to pay a ransom of $10,000. They drove her from bank to bank. She was forced to pay money to save Joseph’s life. At last, she had to write a $10,000 cheque to Neal.

Daisy McCrackin is a well-known Hollywood actress. She appeared in various films including horror flick Halloween. Authorities said, she hardly escaped of those three kidnappers and came back home. After escaping, she immediately called the police.

Stewart was held on more than $2 million bails. While Neal and Andre were held on $1 bail. If convicted, each of them will have to face a sentence of lifetime prison. Prosecutor said.


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