Heartbreaking Moment Teenage Girl Embraces Boyfriend Moments Before His Life Support Is Switched Off


The incredibly sad and heartbreaking moment captured in the camera when the teenage girl holds her boyfriend in her arms, who is about to die. In an unfortunate and deep moment the girl Stephanie Ray who is just 15 years old, say deep felt goodbye to her boyfriend Blake Ward, who is only 16.

Last week, Blake, unfortunately, got the ta

Heartbreaking moment

ckle in the rip at sea in Wales, UK. After sharing the heartbreaking picture in which a couple hugs each other on hospital’s bed, the girl said that she couldn’t be able to keep herself away from Blake in these days when he is in extreme pain.

Three teenagers pulled from the water on Tuesday last week, and Blake is one of them. He came to the hospital in the plane according to the Cambrian News. Whereas, the condition of the other two teenagers still not known.

Girl life store

According to doctor’s investigation or treatments, Blake would never cure his brain damages because the brain injury was severe. That’s why on Saturday doctors took difficult decision to turn off his life support.

Stephanie said that today is the most difficult day for me and Blake’s to switch off his life support machines. I will never forget this day in my life.

She said that Blake is a perfect human being. He could do anything for me and anyone else. He is such a loving and caring person. Blake was someone very special to me, and we had something special which we always have. I will always miss him.

The grieving girl and his family start raising fund for his funeral, and the good amount has been collected which is more than 2,700 dollars.


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