Great News! Verizon Will Offer 5G Home Internet Next Month For As Low As $50


Technology has never ceased to amaze us. Every year we hear something new is going to happen that will take the world by storm. Recently, Verizon has announced that it will start offering home 5G internet service that gives the speed of nearly 1 gigabit. But in the beginning, this service will be provided in a handful of cities. Although, it will benefit the home internet customers first soon this service will be offered in phones. You can start ordering this service beginning on September 13 in the selected markets.

The cities where this Verizon service will be provided first are:



3.Los Angeles


You are live in one of these cities than you are lucky as on October 1st, you will get access to 5G. But due to the nature of 5G, only some parts of the cities will have 5G-enabled towers at launch. So if you are residing in the supported area, Verizon claims that your 5G service should run smoothly at 300Mbps. But it can also reach the speed of almost 1Gbps when network congestion is low. Still, it is unclear whether those just download speeds or both up and down.

Verizon says that 5G standards are in the final stages of completion, so they did not wait any started planning its 5G home service. Also, the 5G home internet will run on a proprietary version of the standard. So it would be less of a problem for a home-based modem than it would be for a phone.

The 5G home internet service will use radio signals rather than copper or fibre to provide unparalleled faster internet using wireless. This also means that it would be much cheaper than using fibre or copper. Google has also learned that fibre networks are costly and it has led them to scale back it’s planned to offer in some markets. Verizon claims that 5G service will provide customers benefits from a wide array of services. It includes:

  1. Broadband
  2. Mobile and IoT (Internet of things)
  3. Necessary bandwidth
  4. Low latency for 3D
  5. Virtual reality applications
  6. Charging Fees of 5G Home Internet

If you have Verizon wireless phone service, it will cost you $50 per month, for everyone else they will pay $70 per month. But in both cases, it is less expensive as compared to those who claim to offer gigabit speeds. Verizon is focusing on the cost as they want their 5G service into many homes as possible. They are both promoting and selling people their 5G network home internet. To add a cherry on the top, Verizon is also offering three months of YouTube TV to subscribers.

Moreover, this monthly charge is inclusive of all taxes and fees. It does not require an annual contract as Verizon said that there are no data caps. Verizon said that they are offering a unique network infrastructure, which comprises end-to-end fibre resources, a massive deployment of small cells, and spectrum holdings that will help in differentiating its network.

Technicians will install the system.

Like existing home broadband service, Verizon will send technicians to your home to install the system. The provider stated that there is no cost for hardware. And internal and external equipment may be required, depending on your house. Early adopters will get the benefit, like free set up, publicity with three months of free service, and a selection of free Chromecast or Apple 4k, alongside 3 months of YouTube TV at no cost. In contrast to traditional home broadband service, the internet service operates on Verizon’s 5G mobile network.

Vestberg president of Global Networks and CT Officer in Verizon said that: “This is a landmark announcement for consumer and investors who have been waiting for the 5G future to become a reality.” Further, he stated that they appreciate the help of strong ecosystem partners for their passion and support. It helped them moving forward with 5G industry standards, both for fixed and mobile applications.

Verizon initially released its 4G LTE network almost a decade ago, and with its 5G preparation plans, it hopes to become the first service within the world to publish this subsequent technology network. With its 5G network, Verizon guarantees home broadband speeds more than 300 megabits per second.

With less interval and improved speeds, 5G is prepared to take connectivity system to the next level. It will help autonomous power cars and also connect the game enthusiasts. Kyle Malady Verizon Chief Technology Officer said that “we can deliver a modern 5G system which is a good way to change how people live, work and play.”

5G Benefit in City Growth, Boost Jobs and Increase Access to Information

With 5G launching in leading cities, it will be in an excellent position to attract a lot of tech startups. It will, in turn, lead to boosting job growth and wages. Also, it is less costly than fibre. So the technology is expected to increase the availability of this basic internet service as well as enhancing the speed.

Also, those low-income individuals who solely rely on their mobile devices to access the internet, 5G technology will ease the accessibility shortfalls by improving both the quality and connectivity of those devices. With enhanced streaming quality, high-bandwidth applications like videos and interactive chat will also provide excellent education and career opportunities to lower-income residents. An improvement in network execution, speed, and bandwidth might make formerly inaccessible content depending on high-quality video—like internet-based, real-time classrooms and job interviews, e.g., more readily available and less expensive across all income brackets.

Even government authorities groups are on board as the FF considers 5G to be a digital cornerstone for twenty-first-century. The possibilities associated with the financial increase, education, employment, transportation, and much more stated by the former FCC chairman Tom Wheeler. He further said that “Autonomous vehicles will be controlled in the cloud. Smart-city energy grids, transportation networks, and water structures could be managed in the cloud. Immersive knowledge and entertainment will come from the cloud.


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