Google Staff Protest Over China Search Engine Plans


Recently, the employees of Google were outburst with outrage as they found out that Google is launching a new search engine in China. Eight years ago, Google’s left China due to issues of censorship and hacking. However, it was recently discovered that Google is working secretly on a censored search engine to launch it in China. Google’s employees are against this as it goes against and violates the company’s “don’t be evil” code of conduct.

However, the headline is that this project is only at the “exploratory” stage, as stated by the Sundar Pichai who is the chief executive of Google. Moreover, a mobile search service named “Dragonfly” is looking for Chinese government approval. This will also some websites and search terms.

Google China

The development was at an “early stage” and was “very unclear” if Google would launch the product, as stated by Sundar Pichai. Moreover, he said, “we are not close to launching a search product in China.” “The team has been in an exploration stage for quite a while now, and I think they are exploring many options” he added.

Anyhow, there are over a thousand employees who have signed a letter to protest against this secretive plan of Google to build a search engine that would comply with Chinese censorship.

It has been claimed by many intercepts that no more than a few hundred out of the massive number of employees, around 88,000, were informed about this project to keep this a secret.

The co-founder of Google Sergey Brin quoted “Google isn’t compromising its principles”, as he spoke to the staff at the all-hands meeting on Thursday-16th August. The staff demanded more “transparency, oversight and accountability” – according to an internal petition.

Discovered Audio

Upon serious pressure being applied from the staff, Mr. Sundar Pichai said, “If we were to do our mission well, we are to think seriously about how to do more in China.” The audio of this was also discovered by the Times-News.

The Human rights and press freedom groups have really criticized this possible renewed collaboration of with Beijing, China. The very reason is that it has banned many American tech companies, which include Facebook & Instagram.

This has been the second event this year that Google staff have protested against the company’s plans. This is a cause of real alarm for Google as well.

“We, the undersigned, are calling for Code Yellow addressing Ethics and Transparency, asking leadership to work with employees to implement concrete transparency and oversight process,” the petition said.

“Dragonfly and Google‘s return to China raise urgent moral and ethical issues.”

“Currently we do not have the information required to make ethically informed decisions about our work, our projects, and our employees.”


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