God Of War 4 Review Video Game 2018

God Of War 4 Review

God of War 4 Review is based on the Greek mythology character “Kratos”. He is basically a demigod and the son of famous Greek God “Zeus”. Zeus is the god of sky and thunder. Moreover, Zeus is the king of all the Gods of Olympus. However, the story of this game revolves around Kratos whose powers have been taken away from him.


In the first three parts of this game series “God of War”, “God of War 2” and “God of War 3”, Kratos has to pass through different hurdles. He has to conquer different monsters and defeat some other Greek mythology characters that he faces along the way. He acquires his powers and different weapons along the way that have been taken away from.

Plot (may contain spoilers)

“God of War 4” is all about violence, gore, and action where you have to fight your enemies and solve different puzzles along the way. The story continues from where the third part in this gaming sequel ends in Greece. Greece faces massive destruction and many Greek gods and heroes die there. Kratos starts to travel towards north from there and his only desire is peace at that point. He finds someone that he falls in love with and starts a family. His wife is able to bring a son into the family and dies soon after that.

Kratos is left alone with his son named Atreus. As the irony continues, both of them are not able to live in peace. The Nordics living there are well aware of the role of Kratos in the fall of Olympus due to which they fear him. They start a journey from there. The son and father bond together as they face different enemies. Kratos teaches Atreus different things about combat and they continue their journey.

Technical Point of View God of War 4 Review

As God of War series is only available on the Sony’s PlayStation consoles, therefore, these games have always been on top in regards to graphics and video. However, God of War 4 Review was released on April 20, 2018, on Sony PlayStation 4. The developers of the game made sure that nothing is questionable about the graphics and mechanics of the game. The graphics are as good as real video film.

The owners of PlayStation 4 Pro have additional graphics options which enhance the graphics of the game further. The realistic cutscenes and different inter-active ideas make the game better than any other in the series. The outstanding story and marvelous gameplay altogether are no doubt a perfect combination that takes this game up a level in today’s gaming series.

Game Score = 9.4/10

This score has been calculated on 456 player’s votes.

Before the premiere, the expectation was 9.2/10 calculated on 1044 players’ votes.

Requirements and Specifications:

There are no specifications for this game as this has been launched on PlayStation4 only. There is no other platform available for this game.


God of War 4 Review has received positive reviews mostly. It has made a remarkable breakthrough in the gaming industry. According to Google, 97% of the gamers loved this game. The storyline, combined with the top-notch graphics makes this game something gamers of all ages loved. Unlike the previous games in the God of War series, this part has side missions which makes it a free roam game as well. This invited the gamers who loved free roam games such as Grand Theft Auto a.k.a. GTA or Saints Row as well.


Gamespot: 94%

IMDB: 9.7/10

Metacritic: 94%

IGN Games: 10/10

Polygon: 10/10

As it can be seen that these are the ratings from 5 websites only and after taking a look at this, the ratings speak for the game most certainly.


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