Gaming Clashes: Do You Fortnite Or PUBG Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds


This is the most commonly asked question as these two games are the most trending games these days. However, both of the games are of a very much similar type. These games are of battle-royale style where you join an online network and you have to compete against 100 other players and the last one standing alive wins.


The developer of Fortnite Battle Royale is Epic Games’ Unreal Tournament team. They developed the game in two months off the back of the PvE Save the World mode. PvE is a commonly used gaming term which means Player versus Environment. The games of this genre are basically in which a player has to survive in an environment where he has to face other players and harsh conditions. From a comparison point of view, Fortnite was basically a complete imitation of PUBG. However, the developers added the fort building feature and through a constant flow of updates, they boosted the game.

Players are able to put walls, ceilings, floors and build ramps even. This is as easy as you aim and shoot with a gun in the game. It’s a free-to-play game within Epic’s homespun launcher as well. It has gained massive fame and fan base in the recent time.

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

This is first ever game that has been launched in the battle royale-style games. This game was like a nuclear bomb amongst the gamers and spread like a virus, gaining massive popularity and fame in the gaming world. The creator of PUBG is Brendan Greene and you can also call him the father or inventor of the most trending and famous battle royale genre.

Although you can say that PUBG is a slower paced game when you compare it to Fortnite, however, this is what makes it one of a kind. The game so really making it better than the others in this genre. The cost or price of PUBG on Steam is $30 and it features various maps and game modes as well.

Similarities and Differences

The main concept or idea of the game is basically that you are left alone on an island with 99 other players, which makes a total of 100 players including you. This makes the game a “battle royale”.

In Fortnite, the game starts with players being in a party bus that is suspended from a balloon. Players leap out at different points on its path. However, in PUBG, the players start with being on an airplane rather than a bus and they have to skydive with a parachute on them. They can deploy the parachute at any point in the air.

When you reach the ground, you have to collect weapons and other equipment that you can use in combat. You collect shields, health potions (and building resources in Fortnite). This has to be done as quickly as possible because the resources might be limited.

After some time, the circle, which is actually the allocated area where you can move starts to shrink. It tightens on a different random section of the map. Getting smaller and smaller, it forces the players to get close to each other where only one of you is left alive in the end. This makes it the best survival game genre.

Personal Recommendations

Every gamer has a different opinion based on different things which they like about a game. Well, as a gamer, I personally would recommend people to go for PUBG as I prefer realistic games. Fortnite has a cartoon-like effect due to its graphics and gaming perspective. However, PUBG has more realistic graphics and moreover, the blood and gore make it intense.

Personal Recommendation: PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleUnderGround)

Common Sense Media Ratings

PUBG: 4.2/5

Fortnite: 4/5


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