France Won Second World Cup Title By A Thrilling Victory Of 4-2, Rain Doubled The Fun Of Their Win

France Won

Sunday, 15th July was the most exciting day in 2018 until now. It was about the world’s most precious trophy. France won its Second World Cup in Moscow against Croatia before a huge crowd of passionate and patriot football lovers across the TV screen worldwide.

There was passion, roars, noise, cheering, tension a perfect combination for an amazing outcome. And the trophy went to none other than France.  Emmanuel Macron French President enjoyed this moment of joy with his wife Brigitte. While Vladimir Putin Russian celeb watched the tournament from Luzhniki Stadium.

Rain enhanced the taste of victory. When Macron joined his team, he was fully soaked. He appreciated the efforts of each French player. Meanwhile, official staff brought an umbrella for Putin. It was a joy worth celebrating. President also posted a pic in which he was kissing the trophy.

France took an early lead in the match. The game was interrupted in the second half when four people charged onto the ground with Russian punk band Pussy Riot claiming responsibility. Then stewards and Croatian player Dejan Lovren tackled the hat wearing pitch intruders to begin the game again.

Main heroes of the game were Paul Pogba, Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann, do not forget the amazing goal of Mario Mandzukic. France picked up the trophy after 20 years after their first victory in their own homeland.  From Croatia, both Mandzukic and Ivan Perisic hit goals and defended their team reasonably.

The time when the trophy was going to hand over to France won, a heavy downpour hit the field with a louder cheering roar of the crowd. Rain doubled joy of their triumph and they played with water, slide over it, jumped over it. Removed their shirts and danced to show how happy they are. Interestingly, rain covered the only a four-mile area from BBC studio. It seems to be entirely dedicated to the winners.

President and his wife joined the players in the dressing room. President was quite happy and called each player as a storm striker. He was “dabbing” with Benjamin Mendy, Paul and Pobga.

Talking about the game, France took a lead earlier, when Mario Mandzukic scored an own goal. Only after 10 minutes, Perisic cancelled his effort by firing the equalizer.

Then before halftime to the penalty, Antoine Griezmann brought back French lead by hitting a penalty goal. This goal was quite tragic and accepted by the officials after a long video review, because, it was thought to be a handball.

After two decades France won the highest target and won this championship with a joy and pride.

France Won

French manager Didier Deschamps, current manager and 1998’s French team captain became the third person after Germany’s Franz Beckenbauer and Brazil’s Mario Zagallo to win the championship both as managers and players.

He said with a smiling face. ‘How marvellous! It’s a young team, who are at the top of the world. Some are champions at the age of 19. We did not play a huge game, but we showed mental quality. And we scored four goals anyway. They deserved to win.

‘The group worked so hard and we had some tough moments along the way. It hurt so much to lose the Euro two years ago, but it made us learn too. For 55 days, we have done a lot of work. We are proud to be French, to be Blues. The victory in the match belongs to them. Vive la Republique.’


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