Former Washington Nationals Star Jayson Werth To Cop After DUI : “I’m Just Not Sure I Trust You”

Jayson Werth

Former Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth was arrested in Arizona, back in April, for DUI (driving under the influence). Recently, TMZ published a video of that arrest, which shows Werth telling the police officer that he’s not sure if the officer is lying to him.

Jayson Werth, who announced his retirement from baseball in June, was in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the beginning of the season was trying to catch on with the Seattle Mariners. He was pulled over on April 17 for having an expired registration, and during their interaction, the police office suspected Werth of being drunk.

According to Werth, he was borrowing the car, and that is why he didn’t have the registration of the vehicle. Instead, he handed the police officer the “ courtesy card” that seemed to inform him that Werth was a Major League Baseball player. With that Werth stated, “ we do a lot of work with you guys.”

But the officer wasn’t impressed and asked Werth to get out of the car. He requested Werth how much he’d had to drink (at first Werth stated that he hadn’t drunk any alcohol, and then said he’d had a glass of wine), after which he asked him to give a field sobriety test.

That is when Werth started protesting in earnest. He said that “I’m not subjecting myself to a field sobriety test” and insisted that without a lawyer present, he couldn’t know what his rights were. The officer answered, “this is not where the lawyer comes into play,” and tried to explain that he was doing his job, and make sure Werth was safe to drive.

But Werth still didn’t submit himself to do the field sobriety test and saying “I’m not sure I trust you,” and “quite a people have gotten in trouble assuming that cops have their best pursuits.” That’s where the video ended, and Werth was arrested. Werth continued to resist any alcohol testing, and TMZ stated that he compelled the police to get a warrant to check the level of his blood alcohol. Jayson Werth was charged for three violations at the time of his arrest —two for DUI (driving under the influence), and one for expired registration. One of the DUI violations had been dropped as part of his plea settlement in late September. He became sentenced to a diversion program, drug and alcohol screening, $1,600 in fines and a suspended driver’s license.


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