Flooding In Bethel Park, Pittsburgh Causes Devastating Damage To Property, People Stuck In Restaurants, Cars

Flooding In Bethel Park, Pittsburgh Causes Devastating Damage To Property, People Stuck In Restaurants, Cars

On Wednesday a devastating flood smashed Bethel Park, Pittsburgh where a state of emergency was declared after that. Due to the heavy and continuous downpour, numerous cases of building collapse, trees, and wires down were reported. People were trapped in cars and restaurants due to the heavy lash of a flood.

Allegheny County 911 advised people to contact them only in case of any life threating emergency. Property and other damage reports will be considered later. This urge was declared due to various other destructive weather emergencies.

Recent tweet of Bethel police was:

“Due to multiple weather-related emergencies, DO NOT call Bethel Park Police unless you have a LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY. Property damage/flooding reports can be made at a later time. Thank you,”

Officials have also asked residents to follow @allegheny_co on Twitter to get the up to minute information regarding flood.

Allegheny County said in a statement released Wednesday night. “County 911 continues to have a heavy call volume. There are callers in a queue due to that call volume. Please remind residents to remain ON the line to speak with the telecommunications officers – they should not hang up. While the storm was quick moving, we still have vehicles stuck in the water and individuals requiring rescue because they attempted to drive through the water. We’d appreciate your assistance in reminding people to ‘Turn Around; Don’t Drown,’”

According to the statement from Pittsburgh to the county line, South Hill was the most affected region with a flood. Officials received a huge number of reports regarding flood intensity, trees downs, wires down, people trapped in vehicles, building collapse, blocked roads, and electrical failure.

The statement said:

“Swift water teams are engaged in response throughout the South Hills, and support is also being provided from neighboring Washington County,”

Amie Downs the spokesman of Allegheny County said that they have picked up reports of a heavy flood from Pittsburgh to the Washington County line. That is why emergency was declared in Bethel Park.

A backyard on Mercedes Street in South Baldwin was flooded by a creek. Local daily WPXI reported.  Firefighters saved trapped people in restaurants, tuck shops, and other buildings.

 Tweet of Kymgable, a CBS reporter, was:

“This is the ‘Trolley Stop Inn’ on Library Road in Bethel Park. Reports of people standing on tables inside until flooding recedes,”

Brian Garlick, a resident of Bethel Park tweeted: “I live in Bethel Park, and this is my backyard just 10 min ago. My dad’s entire garden is ruined. I saw a large log and my mom said she swears she saw a floating trash can. This all happened in less than 30 min after the downpour started,”

WPXI reporter Cara Sapida wrote on Facebook: “Roads flooding right now in Bethel Park. Several people have already had to be rescued from their cars on Clifton Road,”

A huge number of cars were drowned in flood, some of them also have people stuck in them. 30 part routes are also closed. Still, an emergency has prevailed in the region.


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