Executive Taxi service- types and their details

executive taxi service

Executive taxi service:

A taxi is a type of vehicle for hire with a driver, it is used by a single passenger or a small group of passengers. An executive taxi service will provide you pick and drop service. They reached you at your desired location at the time.

Types of taxi services:

There are different types of taxi services such as.

  • Hackney carriage
  • Uber service
  • Private Hire
  • Luxury cars
  • Special needs cars
  • Taxi busses

Hackney carriage:

Hackney carriages also known as black cabs. It will pick up passengers from the streets, and they will no need to hire it in advance. A licensed and trained driver required for this service. The driver must have knowledge about routes and functions of the taxi.

Private hire:

This service is available with a driver on pre-booking services. You can book via mobile, fax, or internet. The drivers don’t need special training to obtain the license for this service. They need to pass a small topographical test to obtain a private car hire service license.

Luxury cars:

Many companies provide luxury cars for transporting from one place to another. It is a relaxing, comfortable and convenient ride. There are different cars using for this service such as Lamborghini, limousine, Mercedes, and other luxury cars. This service needs pre-booking. The drivers need proper experience for driving these luxury cars.

Special needs cars:

Special need car service working in many countries. This service is for disabled people. They provide wheelchair and special equipment ramp.

Taxi busses:

These vehicles are small than the busses. A taxibus may stop anywhere for drop off or pick up the passengers. It is also known as a shared taxi. If you travel in a group than the taxi bus is the best option. They are less expensive. This service doesn’t need advance booking.

Do a complete research and choose one of the best services in your area. Before choosing a taxi service make sure the company is reliable and reputed. Choose an insured and licensed company. Make sure their drivers know their job properly and read customers reviews who had availed their service in past.

A reputed taxi service reaches you at your destination in a short time and also advise you about special places in the city and food points. Local transporters may charge extra money by using long routes. But the executive taxi service are offer discount and they will use shortcuts that help to reach your destination in a short time and charge low rates.

Make sure the taxi the company provides is well equipped with advanced technology such as Wi-Fi, audio video player. You can keep in touch with your family and friends with Wi-Fi during travel and make enjoyable your journey with sound systems. The drivers are friendly and they provide information about historical places in the city during travel.

Taxi with GPS is best because you cannot lose and reached your destination safely and securely. You can search online for executive taxi service and make a list of reputed companies. Visit their websites and call them. Choose a company which offers the best services at affordable prices.

About Us:

LCR taxi service is established in 2000 and has been going forward with our large fleet of a taxi. Our vision is to be the best. Our team provides the highest quality of service for your complete peace of mind.


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