England and Colombia: England Beat Colombia 4-3 On Penalties –As It Happened

England and Colombia

Fate was on England’s side this Tuesday.  A great game was held between England and Colombia. It was an exciting game. Both teams were active, hard to lose and ready to win. The game contained many turns and twists. But, in the end, it was England to be qualified for quarterfinals.

At the beginning of the game, both teams played sensibly. England played a defensive game until Harry Kane hit the first penalty goal for England that hit the goal post without any interruption. With this stunning goal, England got a lead of 1-0.

Colombia didn’t strike till 90 minutes. But at the exact 93rd minute, Yelly Mina stroked a beautiful goal for Colombia and stretched the game towards extra time. At this time, the score became 1-1.

England Win On Penalties V Colombia

In the extra time period of approximately 30 minutes, Colombia and England tried hard to win, but it was not that easy. It was a kind of nail-biting round but ended up with no score at both sides. After extra time, the score was the same 1-1.

Then game moved towards penalties. This round decides the fate that which team will go home and which will stay and play next games. Well, fate turned to beat England’s side.

Colombia tried to hit the ball, but England’s goalkeeper managed very well to stop it every time. England’s strategy was to play a safe game, and goal when conditions are most appropriate. This strategy proved to England. Eric Dier availed the opportunity and hit an awesome goal straightly downwards the goal post. With this amazing hit, England made their way to quarterfinals. So, congratulations to England. But unfortunately, Colombia has to go home packing. It was all from England and Colombia. Let’s see who is going to win in England vs Sweden…


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