Electricians in Crowborough Can Guide You with the Essential Tips to Protect Yourself from Any Electrical Hazard

Electricians in Crowborough

Have you ever thought, how you would cope if there is no electricity in your home for an entire day in Crowborough? You cannot use your kitchen appliances, watch TV, read at night, and charge your phone and much more. Off course, you will contact the emergency electricians in Crowborough and get your problem fixed. That is one side of the story but have you realized, how dependent you are on the electricity, and how vital part it plays in our lives. With the frequent usage, we often forget the potential dangers that may cost us.

In this article, we are going to talk about few tips on how to avoid the potential electrical hazards and keep your family safe. Make sure you follow it to prevent unnecessary mishaps.

Turn Off your Electrical Appliances

Whenever you are not using any of your electrical appliances, make sure that you switch it off. If your mobile is charged make sure to unplug the charger. If it is a winter season and you are using heater double check that you have turned it off when you have left the house. Develop a habit of the routine check to make sure all of the mentioned above things are switched off as it will save you from facing potential electrical hazard.

Avoid overloading Sockets

This is one of the essential rules to follow. Avoid overloading your sockets with multiple plugs and extension cords. Use only one plug per socket and if you are using extension cords, make sure that it has a fuse that shuts off when it gets overload.

Professional electricians in Crowborough offer Maintenance

Always keep in check the condition of your plugs, cords, and sockets. Check if there are any flaws, twists, damage or exposed electrical wires, and burns around sockets or plugs. If you find anyone of these problems, then immediately get the service of licensed electricians in Crowborough to repair and fix it. Avoid doing it yourself.

Visible Wires

If you have any visible wires, do not try to hide it under your rug as it will cause a potential hazard. If you do it, there is a huge possibility that either you or one of your family members trip over the cover cord. The electrical wire should stay as cool as possible which is not possible when you cover it with a rug and prevent it from cooling down.

Don’t expose wires to heat

We are inclined to use a lot of appliances like a coffee maker or toaster that we can unplug and put it back in the cupboard. It is natural that we get busy in the preparation of the food and you do not notice the temporary plugged in cable still running. This can become extremely dangerous. If you accidentally poke your finger into an electrical appliance, you might get electrocuted.


Another vital thing to do is to keep the liquids away from the electrical devices. When you are taking a bath or cooking, make sure to keep all of your appliances away from the water. Also, handle them only with dry hands. Be careful not to stand in the water when you blow dry your hair and avoid filling your electric kettle when it is plugged in.

Socket Safety

If you have pets or children in the house and your sockets are not covered with safety caps then you’re putting a life of them in jeopardy. It is best to cover them and save your children from electrical hazard. They are kids, and it is tempting for them to poke their fingers inside the sockets. So always be careful about this thing.

But it is advisable that whenever you face any electrical issue, contact TG Electrics. They possess highly qualified and experienced electricians in Crowborough.


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