Edgar Hansen

In recent times, the issues related to sexual assault has increased and the trend on the twitter with the name of the hashtag “Me Too” is widespread. Many famous woman personalities of the Hollywood industry has spoken about been the victim of the harassment.

Lately, Edgar Hansen who is a reality TV co-star on The Deadliest Catch show was accused of assaulting a 16-year-old. His older brother Sig Hansen is also the part of the show. It stated that he assaulted a girl at home in Mountlake, in September last year.

The incident occurred on September 30, 2017

Hansen was ordered to supply his DNA to the sheriff’s office and also asked to undergo a sexual deviancy evaluation and treatment plan. The incident of Hansen assaulting the 16-year-old girl occurred on September 30, and it was reported to the authorities when a girl spoke about it to the therapist in October last year.

The victim later told the police that Hansen ‘kissed her on the lips, touched her vagina and had her touch his penis’, as it was mentioned in the court records.

Sig, a crab-boat captain charged of spatting on the Uber driver and denting his car

Sig, who is a crab-boat captain, was charged with an offense of spatting on the Uber driver and denting his car last year in May 2017 in Seattle but under the plea deal, his charge of property destruction was dismissed. The reason he got furious was not being able to pay cash for his family’s ride home.

Edgar Hansen was given a suspended sentence with an additional fine

Edgar Hansen was given a suspended sentence of 364 days in jail, meaning that he will not spend his time behind bars. Even he received two years’ probation and various fees and fines of $1,653, with an additional $4,800 fine suspended. The prosecution attorney’s office also agreed that they would not pursue any charges that may arise in future in connection with this case. Also, Hansen’s attorney was not available on a Wednesday afternoon.

Hansen acknowledged that it occurred at a local home and in a brief written statement he stated: “touching [the victim’s] private areas … for the purpose of my own sexual gratification.”

The investigators also spoke to his wife about the incident, and she said of confronting him after learning about the assault incident. The wife further stated that he refused initially but eventually admitted that he touched her inappropriately.

In his statement, Edgar Hansen wrote that he has “commenced treatment to ensure that nothing like this assault ever happens again.”


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