Eating organic food can prevent Cancer

Individuals who often eat foods tend to be not as likely to develop cancer compared to people who do not, based on a brand new research out of France. A group of researchers studied 68, 946 adult volunteers from France who provided info on how frequently they ate organic food, beverages and dietary supplements. Participants were given a score, according to how frequently they consume organic food which range from more often than not to never or that I do not know. Throughout two follow up appointments, one in the year 2009 and another in 2016, the researchers then tracked cancer diagnoses, the most common being breast cancer.

Other cancers observed included cancer of the prostate, skin cancer, colorectal cancer, non Hodgkin lymphomas. Individuals who reported organic food scores have been not as likely to be identified as having cancer than the rest of the group. For instance, people who consumed the most foods were 25 percent less likely to get cancer, in accordance with the research. That number grew to over half while looking at cases of non Hodgkin lymphoma. This research was published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine does not necessarily indicate that organic food is the reason individuals are not as likely to develop cancer.

The reason behind the results could be due to other lifestyle or environmental factors. The research also contradicts some information reported in a previous research, the Million Women Study, which linked organic foods intake to a small rise in the potential risk of breast cancer. A commentary by 3 nutrition experts warns of a few flaws in the French study, like probable defects in the questionnaire used to measure organic food consumption. The authors worry data around the connection between food that is organic and cancer remains unclear, plus they encourage the public to continue making dietary decisions based on recommendations. Concerns over pesticide dangers shouldn’t discourage intake of conventional vegetables and fruits, especially since organic produce is costly and inaccessible to many populations, the commentary states.


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