Different new kids party ideas for your children

Kids party ideas

Kids party ideas are plentiful and provide many opportunities to create wonderful themes. There are all kinds of parties that interest kids. Some of these themes are superman, western, star trek, pirate and sports just to name a few. The list is almost endless. Young children also enjoy the theme of a garden party, which can be done in the winter or the summer because we can have it indoors if necessary.

Top 5 themes for Kids party ideas

  1. Pirate party- always number one for any boy giving a party. There is just something “cool” about parties.
  2. Invitation – treasure map in a glass bottle with sand and shells.
  3. Décor – a plank coming up to the front of the boat (door), jolly roger flapping in the wind (printed off flag taped to helium balloons )
  4. Games & Activities – Walk the plank with sharks and crocodiles waiting below, sea war, get know you booty box.
  5. Food – volcano cheese with chips, captains fingers dipped in blood (sugar cookies with red frosting) served in a pirate ship tray and pirates blood to drink.
  6. Party favor – photo of the guest with the captain as well as the booty bag from the treasure hunt.

Indoor and outdoor party ideas

Kids party ideas can start from indoor to outdoor. Indoor having the games which are like scrabble, chess, monopoly and also by planning an indoor sport like table tennis. Ideas such as putting up a bouncy castle at the party will cheer them up. Visual games help certain kids a lot.

Some of the best Kids party ideas come from the kids themselves. Ask them the games they want to play with the invited kids in which they can all develop a certain attachment. Find out there likes and dislikes and plan the party according to that.

Hire a party consultant

It is better to hire a consultant which can minimize your workload and give maximum happiness and joy to your kids. Like if you have kids under two or not old enough to speak, plan a party which is attractive and full of colors.

Kids party ideas also are better to have in open places. The kids can run and have some physical exercise which will automatically make them active mentally. Planning a swimming pool will just give a totally different and craziness to the party. Kids doing water activities will remove the fear of the water and promote swimming.

Kids tend to be picky when they come to a certain age. A themed party idea can be very exciting. Try to think of an idea which will be a memory not forgotten by your kid as such he will not be young forever.

Cats Tail party game

This one of best games for kids gaming. It provides parents with plenty of photo opportunities. To play this game we will have to assemble a yard lounge strip of cloth for each child that participates. These strips of cloth represent the cats’ tails. They are attached to the backs of each child by tucking them into their waistband. The ends of the strips should barely touch the ground. This game requires a great deal of energy.

Sweet ring toss game for the party

This is another one of the games for kids gaming parties that every party should include. Kids love it because everyone is a winner. To play this game we will need three rings. The rings can be either cardboard or wood. We will need a table a variety of individually wrapped novelty toys and candles. All items are spread across the table and each child has the opportunity to throw the three rings onto the table. If a ring lands on the table, and a prize is within the boundaries of the ring. The child wins the prize.

Needle in a Haystack

Another great idea for kids gaming is the needle in the haystack game. All prizes for this game are placed in small. We can really make thing fun by adding some coins or dollar bills into the mix. We will pile hay up, as high as we can. Hiding the prizes in our newly created haystack. It is a good idea to place a tarp on the ground before making the haystack.

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