Did Donald Trump Break Royal Protocol When He Met The Queen At Windsor Castle?


Trump has a two days’ work visit to the UK. Meanwhile, his appointment was fixed with Queen Elizabeth II. Yesterday, was there day to see each other. But this visit was not that good as it should be. There are certain royal protocols that trump broke and media caught. We are going to share with you all these protocols, how they were breached and how people reacted upon it.

So, the very first protocol that Trump broke was not coming on time. Queen reached the venue. Everything was ready, but Trump was in a helicopter yet. Punctuality is one of the most prior royal protocols that was breached by Trump. Queen looked at her watch twice before he came.

This is how the public responded to this act:

“Queen Elizabeth II is there. But where is the guest? Yeah, still in his helicopter, leaving the 92-year-old monarch to wait, and wait.” “Oh dear, she just looked at her watch. The Queen does NOT like tardiness.” A Twitter user said.

Kay Ellen, another Twitter user said. “Trumpet isn’t late (again) to meet the Queen is he???? 👑🇬🇧☕ #TrumpUKVisit she has checked her watch TWICE”

Well, it can be neglected somehow, let’s move towards the second smash. Second protocol was broken just a few moments later when Trump arrived to see the Queen. He did not bow his head before Queen. Instead, he straightly went towards his hand for a warm greeting. It is actually a royal protocol that anyone visiting your Majesty has to bow his head before her while in case of female visitors curtsy is also enough. Well, there is another point to notice as well. When former American president Barak Obama met the Queen in 2011, he also did not bow his head before her and simply went for a shaking hand.

A Twitter user wrote. “I can’t even watch this… No bow or curtsey and now #Trump walks in front of the Queen #TrumpUKVisit surely he knows the protocol but chooses to ignore it and that’s just bloody rude”

It was quite inconvenient for the public of the UK, who cannot bear any rude behavior with their majesty. However, the show is not over yet. President was in a hurry to move towards his next non-serious error.

Ok, so the last one was the huge one actually. Both of them have to give a guard of honor to royal guards. For this purpose, Queen and Trump moved towards the field. Meanwhile, Trump crossed the Queen and walked a step ahead before their walk together. It is a royal protocol that no one can walk ahead of the queen. Trump should walk side by side. But what can we do now? Let’s discuss public response on this act.

A Twitter user said. “I’m no royalty expert, but I’m confident cutting the Queen off is frowned upon”.

Another said, “This is hilarious. The Queen acting like she’s training one of her dogs as Trump struggles to master the art of walking.”

After Trump visit to the Queen, Royal etiquette expert Grant Harrold told Harper’s Bazaar UK.

“He should not walk in front of the Queen and he did, as they walked over to inspect the guard of honor. As we could all see, at one point the Queen completely disappeared behind him which should not have happened,” he continued. “The president should be walking over the side by side with the Queen and not in front. I am sure this was not intentionally done, but it did not look very good.”

Well, Trump is on his way to spend his weekend at the Golf resort. And thousands of protestors went to protest in Central London at actions of Trump.


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