Boring Night Of The Year- NFL, MLB, NBA, HNL, NCAA football, MLS in action


If you are complaining about being bored and with absolutely nothing to do Thursday night, then it usually implies that you hate sports, wherein case, get off my page. There’s no boredom permitted here. Not today. Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018, is the least dull day of the year. Just once before in the history of sporting humankind has there been a moment. Not because the only other time it occurred on Nov. 1, 2009, has there been a day, a gloriously greedy day, when there were games from the National Football League, NBA, Major League Baseball, the National hockey league, Major League Football and American football are all there for our pleasure.

It’s sports version of a Vegas buffet, and one of the good ones, too, not the inexpensive kind which leaves you with nothing, but stomach rot and regret. The National Football League chimes in with a typically night offering, including the 1-5 Cardinals hosting the 2-4 Broncos, but fear not, it gets much better from there. Baseball’s postseason has been full of angsty and thrills recrimination and although Play 5 of the ALCS provides the Boston Red Sox the opportunity to close things out. The NBA is back in full flow, and the Philadelphia 76ers are looking to improve their contender credentials with a home opener against the Chicago Bulls.
There’s no better time to be a sport enthusiast, he told United States TODAY Sports quoting the beginning of the NBA season whilst the National Football League and baseball will also be in high gear. The other sports will not be outdone. In case you are looking for an appetizer there’s some tasty National hockey league actions, with the surging Toronto Maple Leafs hosting Sidney Crosby and the Penguins. In MLS, Real Salt Lake can improve its own playoff hopes and seriously harm those of the LA Galaxy, by beating New England.

At some point you have got to eat, right? When weighing the station bear in mind the completely nonstop nature of the action could make a sports bar rammed with wall-to wall televisions a better bet than the home screen. It’s excessive like hell, 16 Thursday games in all with a beginning time no more than 3½, hours apart. It says everything about the overpowering obsession America has for sports and it implies that for one night you do not must think about politics, not for a minute. It’s exciting and it’s great and it only leaves room for one criticism.


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