Best Beginner’s Guide to Weight Loss Through Proper Exercise Plan 2018

Weight Loss

When you woke up in the morning and after looking in the mirror do you ever feel like that you need to get in shape. But there is one problem, you do not know where to start and how to do it. It is okay; all the beginners have been through this phase.

It might be your first, tenth or the fiftieth time you have thought about and tried to get in shape either by doing exercise and eating healthy. It is possible that the things did not work last time, but it is not necessary it will happen again, things can change.

With this hope in mind, you hop on the internet and search blogs and videos on how to lose weight that will give you effective results. When you are encountered with various blogs, you get overwhelmed and intimidated, and you resort to playing your favorite games. But do not worry as we are going to assist you with this particular situation and help you in making sense of all the information available to get you started. But keep one thing in mind what works on one person body will not work in the same way on another person. You need to know about your body and how it works.

Don’t Repeat and Get your Act Together Weight Loss

First, you need to think about how you tried to get in shape the last time. What methods you used and were you successful or not? What made you stop doing it? The reason for this is you will get to know what way didn’t work for you.

If you repeat the same thing over and over again which is not giving you the desired result, then it is insanity. Do not try to repeat the same thing which didn’t work the last time.

If you have followed the diet-plan, ran on a treadmill, did kickboxing, starved yourself or anything and you are not satisfied with the results, then it is the perfect time to try something new. But how you will do it, and there are three things you need to do which are:

Education: Get knowledge of how you can get yourself into shape

Inspiration: know the reason for getting into shape

Support: have the support of others to help you in getting into shape

Weight Loss


Choose your goals that are smart, i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.


By specific, it means that you need to decide what steps you need to take to achieve those goals. Write them down and plan them out. If you are changing your habits or making new ones, add them to your calendar, set phone alerts and do them every day. Do not get hasty; nothing happens overnight, you need to be patient to get the desired results.

Measure and identify the reasons

If you tried to get in shape by following certain methods and failed, then measure and identify the reasons for it. Why did it happen? Did you get sick after doing the exercise? You got bored and stopped doing it? There could be various possibilities. If you sucked at getting in shape the first time then educate yourself, identify the reasons and develop methods to deal with them.


Believe it or not, research says that 80% of your success is achieved through your diet. You can skip your exercise, but you cannot skip your food. Either you want to cut on calories, certain foods or start a new diet; this is the most important step.


You need to find an activity that interests you and like to do it all the time. Do you like to run, lift weights or run on a treadmill, do what you like? Maybe you prefer to do yoga, play dodgeball, frisbee or whatever do what is relevant to your interest. In order to find new stuff that interests you, keep on doing and trying different things until you find something that you like.


After you have set your goals, write them down. Identify the goals you failed at achieving last year or month and cut them out. Plan it, set a specific time and follow it wholeheartedly.


In this step, you need to answer these following questions of why you want to get in shape? What is the motive behind it? Do you want to get in shape to avoid health issues? Do you just want to get in shape? Or you have seen someone that inspired you to get in shape and stay fit? There could be any reason that motivated you to do so.


Last but not least, you need the support of your friends, family or relatives.

Once you have decided and are determined to get in shape, then you need to find the best way that guarantees its success. You can do it by telling your friends, start a blog, or inform your co-workers and ask them to keep you accountable.

You can build your own group by finding people who are stronger than you or faster than you. Do exercise with them and ask questions. If you do not know anybody, then you can search for someone within your social circle, and if you are the only one, then the last and best option is to join the fitness club. There you will work out with a group of people, and it will inspire you to achieve your goals.

What is the best time to workout?

Research has shown that the best time to workout can be right after you wake up. There is some proof that working out on an empty stomach activates the body to burn greater fat and potentially shed off weight.

Researchers in Belgium influenced young, healthy men to eat food that consists of 30 percent extra calories and 50 percent of excess fat. The first group remained inactive and did nothing after eating. The second group did a strenuous, midmorning workout once they had breakfast. The third group followed the same exercising routine, however earlier than that they had eaten anything.

After six weeks the results are as follow:

The First group volunteers were unhealthy and had gained approximately six pounds.

The second group had also packed on kilos, approximately three pounds each, and developed insulin troubles.

However, the third group who had exercised first thing in the morning, earlier than eating anything, had gained nearly no weight and retained good insulin degrees. Their bodies had been additionally burning more fats for the duration of the day than have been by the other men.

Of course, the early-morning workout prevented weight gain, which is not the identical factor as inducing weight loss. However, the effects are encouraging for individuals who hope to shed off a few kilos, stated by Peter Hespel, a professor in the studies center for exercise and fitness at Catholic college Leuven in Belgium and the study author. He said that:

“The top strategy to prevent increases in body weight is to combine a healthy, nicely-balanced diet with a physically active lifestyle,”.

So set your alarm early the following morning and start a session to get the maximum from your workout! But do not expect to things turn out your way quickly. Everything takes time so be patient and follow your exercise and diet plan strictly.


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