Bachelorette Annoyed Fans Slam Donald Trump For His SCOTUS Pick Interruption

Bachelorette Annoyed Fans Slam Donald Trump

Once again the fans of the famous ABC reality tv series Bachelorette are furious because their favorite show was once again interrupted by a well-known reality star, the one, and only president Donald Trump.

The reason for the interruption was Donald Trump had to announce his pick for the Supreme Court, and he did that on Monday night at 9 pm exactly in the middle of the two-hour programme. The reality series draw in more than five million viewers each week.

Interrupting the TV show, Trump made an announcement of choosing Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a replacement of retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, ending weeks of speculation and debate concerning the decision on whom to pick for the court to a conservative majority for years to come.

On that day the episode of the “Bachelorette” was about who Bachelorette Becca Kufrin would be picking for tonight’s group date, and it was interrupted by the president SCOTUS pick. This speech of Donald Trump was taken to social media to condemn because the five million viewers were more interested in watching the dating show.

Twitter was the primary social platform, where the furious Bachelorette viewers raise their voice and complaint about the 20-minute news break, even though the episode was still airing in the entirety. The ABC reality dating competition which air at 9 p.m. is now in its 14th season with lead Becca Kufrin, broadcasts from 8 to 10 p.m.

Reality Show (The Bachelorette)

Chris Jackson tweeted: ‘ABC interrupting a reality show (The Bachelorette) for an even trashier reality show (the Trump White House).’

In another tweet, Diggy Moreland wrote: ‘This [is] another speech that could’ve been an email’ along with a meme of Meryl Streep hollering.

The show host Chris Harrison had notified the viewers earlier, who are collectively called Bachelor Nation, about the planned pause in the show to avoid the disappointment of what happened previously of the last month’s summit episode.

At that time the Trump’s Historic meeting with North Korea chief Kim Jong Uninterrupted the June 11th episode of the bachelorette and viewers were annoyed and displeased with such interruption on the social media.

To add the cherry on the top, some Canadian fans also taunted the American viewers by saying that the program had not been interrupted in Canada. Well, this was also enough to get the Americans more furious.

Lasix Young wrote: ‘When you live in Canada so you get to enjoy this cringy beach party completely uninterrupted’ along with a meme of two men with Canadian flag hats waving with the word ‘Sorry’.


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