America 2017 Savvy Shields Marries Fiance Nate Wolfe

Savvy Shields

The most amazing and wonderful news of the week is here. The beautiful celebrity Savvy Shields marries her handsome fiancé Nate Wolfe. Stunning beauty and American multitalented guy are seen several times together. The engagement ceremony was performed before and now they both decided to get married on this Saturday.

Savvy Shields and Nate Wolfe are starting a new chapter of their life?

You can see related news about this newlywed couple. As they both are dating each other for many months. And according to the sources, after knowing them properly and developing interest they both decided to start a new chapter of their life. Savvy Shields was crowned as Miss America in 2017. It was a huge success for her. Beautiful and attractive Savvy Shields is just 23-years old. The marriage news was confirmed on social media grounds when public and fans saw their amazing pictures on their Instagram pages. Many of the great co-actress and actors attend their wedding ceremony and also congratulate for their future life. Moments caught were simply an exception part and they enjoyed it nicely.

“I JUST MARRIED MY BEST FRIEND AND MY SOUL NATE,”Shields captioned a photo of the couple from their wedding day.

“It was magical, dreamy and perfect,” she added. “Be on the lookout for an exclusive from @theknot in the days to come. So much love.”

According to The Knot, They both married on Saturday in the presence of 250 guests.

“I wanted the ceremony to feel like a dream,” Shields told the outlet of her special day. “And for the reception to feel like an elegant affair-meets-a house party.” This is another wonderful and heart touching statement given on Instagram.

Per the outlet, the newlyweds met at a wedding about three years ago.

“He was a groomsman, and I remember he walked out and I asked my friend beside me, ‘Who is that?’” she recalled, adding that her pal “was amazed [she] didn’t already know him” since they attended the same college.

Continued Shields: “I remember dancing and flipping my hair to get his attention, but nothing seemed to be working. Finally, I walked up to him and said, ‘Hey, I don’t think I’ve met you yet. I’m Savvy.’”

At that moment she said that she cannot remember that moment when the named was called for the winner of Miss America 2017.

“I don’t remember at all!” Shields told Fox News last September.

“I’m pretty sure I blacked out… I fully didn’t remember until a month after I was crowned,” she admitted, explaining that “it goes so fast and you do not stop so the moment you do stop it’s roughly when you’re on an airport a month later and you realize that you’re Miss America.

She replied: “But I remember that moment in pictures. I remember in visual frames of when I saw my mom at the end of the runway and then when I turn back around and saw my friends. And then I remember Miss Tennessee running towards me.”

“It was magical, dreamy and perfect,” she added. “Be on the lookout for an exclusive from @theknot in the days to come. So much love.”

Savvy uploaded a status telling about her wedding. She said “Wedding Wednesday🤗 We are exactly 5 months away from the wedding (AHH!) And I wanted to begin to share the journey!! So, every Wednesday I will blog about all things “wedding” to keep you up to date. Today is about bridesmaids!! Link in bio or swipe up in my story.”

Nate Wolfe is an American actor, singer and musician who excels his career in Hollywood. Nate Wolf and Savvy both are hardworking personalities. We wish them the best for their future lives.


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